View Full Version : Tuner Meet in Groningen, the Netherlands every Saturday

06-11-2006, 03:34 AM
Every Saturday tuners from around the region get together in the old IKEA parking lot in Groningen (next to the current Praxis and by the 24/7 Esso) and just hang out and chill and talk about cars and stuff. The scene keeps growing and growing, but I am still the only Volvo there as most of the cars are Hondas, Golfs, SEAT Leons, etc. and you're right the crowd it usually younger one, but I've seen some mature people with some pretty sweet cars show up.<p>Anyway, if would be cool to park along fellow Volvo tuners, hope to see you there sometime!<p>Details:<p><B>What</B>: Tuner meet<p><B>Where</B>: Groningen, The Netherlands, old IKEA parking lot along the Europaweg<p><B>When</B>: Every Saturday from around 6 onwards, but it gets busier around 8 or so.<p><B>Directions</B>: If you're coming from the A7 from Germany, just go straight onto the Europaweg and you'll see an Esso gas station, exit there and you'll see a huge parking lot. A7 from Leeuwarden, when you're on the Ring Groningen, take the exit for the A7 again and take an immediate left at the traffic lights. You'll drive a few meters and you'll see the Esso station on your left.<br>From the A28, at the Ring Groningen, take a right heading towards the A7 and exit when you see the sign for the A7. Make an immediate left. You'll drive a few meters and you'll see the Esso station on your left.<p>