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10-30-2006, 03:48 AM
Does anybody think that it would be possable for use (Volvo Enthusiests) to get together in germany somewhere. Our maybe i'm missing something and there is already one. If not we should get together and have some fun. There are lots o roads to have a good time on and places to BBQ. any takers before it gets to cold! <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="" BORDER="0">

11-03-2006, 03:22 PM
Jake,<p>Since Kafeyan Kelly PCS'd back to the states I haven't heard of any gatherings. I'm not sure what the guys in Ramstein are doing now or who's left there.<p>I think its easy for the Air Force guys to put together gatherings because of their concentrated location. For us Army guys its tough, we're spread out all over Germany.<p>As for me, I know once my R gets out of the shop it'll probably sit in the garage most of the winter until around April, then I'll let 'er rip

11-10-2006, 09:53 AM
Well, out of boredom, I decided to spend lots of time just carousing through the R forum and came up with a pretty good list of the R guys in Germany as well as a few from Netherlands. So here we go. 1st column are names, then forum handle, then location.....<p><br>Jacobson Kubilus - JKMachine - Bamberg<br>Edward Lescher - ByrnNhell - Heidelberg<br>Mike ? - DZljet - Vilsek<br>Mark Heard - Alynthir - Heidelberg<br>Dennis Freed - SuperGas - Heidelberg<br>Charles Anderson - cRock - Heidelberg<br>Caleb Weand - CSW - Wiesbaden<br>Tim ? - tji - Darmstadt<br>Bob ? - GiRaff3 - Mannheim<br>Rob Stephens - Stuttgart R - Stuttgart (Sold his R)<br>Rickey Donkel - RDonkel - Ramstein<br>Gerald Agner - Spd-Dmn 22 - Ramstein<br>Doug McCormick - D-Autobahn Guy - Ramstein<br>Bryan Vyverberg - DE V70R - Ramstein<br>Sean Nyberg - Berserker17 - Ramstein<br>Chris Lockwood - RDRVR - Ramstein<br>Shawn Reddinger - Velvet_Jones - Spangdahlem<br>John Lewis - Autobahn_R - Ramstein<br>Jeffrey Fletcher - scrmndemn - Sembach<br>Fernand Schröll - Bavaria R - Neuried<br>Johann Dijkstra - Johann - Netherlands<br>Jan - JCviggen - Netherlands<br>Rudi - Rudi - Netherlands<p>If anyone knows any more and are just as bored as I am, then feel free to add<BR><BR>
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