View Full Version : anyone around the philadelphia area want to start meeting up regularly to drive/talk shop?

07-16-2007, 07:05 PM
Hey hows it going! I actually just traded in my old car for my new s60r about a week ago and i would love to join some kind of volvo owners club or just simply meet up once a week or once a month or somehting! i just want to meet some more people like myself with R's to be perfectly honest, and just talk shop for a awhile. I live in kennett square, pa (souther chester county, about 1/2 southeast of philly) and i work in wilmington, de, m-f from 8-5. other than that i am free and always willing to make a drive to meet up with fellow R drivers. so i am definitely interested! let me know where we go from here and if you need anymore info from me! thanks!

07-18-2007, 06:11 PM
Hey - The Appalachian chapter is based in Tennessee and isn't particularly active (in fact I'd go so far as to use the term Inactive....)<p>There is a chapter in PA based in York... Capital City Chapter. Jan Nystrom is the person to contact there... [email protected] for e-mail.<p>Jan was just over in Sweden as his father passed away about a week ago...not sure he's back yet, so allow a little time for a reply.