View Full Version : Automotion - Saab and Volvo in Billerica, MA - Anyone recommend them?

10-26-2007, 10:22 AM
I've been living in Burlington, MA for over 2 years now and I frequently drive by this place on Rt. 3A called Automotion. They seem to specialize in Saabs and Volvos. Some guy that probably works there parks his red Ford Lightning out front and from time to time, I've seen a Dodge Viper out there too.<p>Up until I bought my R, I would drive by and not think twice but now that I've got a Volvo, it's nice knowing a place that specializes in Swedish cars is within a few miles from me!<p>Has anyone brought their Volvo in there for service? Jobs big and small welcome. I want to know if these guys are good guys to work with and hope they are trustworthy. At some point, maybe next year, I'll probably get lowering springs and will have them install it. If I ever get a downpipe, I'll probably have them install it long as people recommend them<p>Thanks