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      Greetings from Maui Hawaii I have 2009 Xc70 T6...

      Greetings from Maui Hawaii
      I have 2009 Xc70 T6 and having starting issues on occasion. Reading my Bluedriver when this issue happens my fuel pressure is at 30 or 32 psi & when its running strong...
    2. 2009 Xc70 DIY Rewiring Headlight with NEW wiring harness

      Greetings from Maui Hawaii;
      Been doing lots of projects on my very loved 2009 Xc70 Wagon 3.2 turbo

      Perhaps its where I live with lots of moisture & high humidity but all the wiring in both...
    3. 2009 xc70 Passenger headlight wiring completely bad & shorting out

      Hi There
      So I found a wiring harness for the lens & trying to figure out how to install it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
      Do I take off the lens cover by heating in oven to get to wires? Cant...
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