The weekend of June 21/22 found the Mid America Chapter hosting the 2008 Midwest Regional event which was integrated into the Lindsborg, Kansas (“Little Sweden, USA”) “Midsommar Festival”.

Over 60 Volvo’s representing 15 States were there. A grand time was had with both the VCOA event and the Swedish Heritage events hosted by the citizens of Lindsborg.

First Place Awards at the Car Show on Saturday were:
P444/445/544/210 Group – The Tally Family of Overland Park, KS -1967 P210
P120/220 Group – Don Mackey of Houston Lake, MO - 1968 122S Wagon
P1800 Group – Tom Stoffel of Louisville, CO - 1970 1800E
140/160 Group – Clark Edwards of Letcher, SD – 1971 164
240/260 Group – Delisa Michalski of Columbia, MO – 1984 240DL
700/900/S90/V90 Group – Robert Thomison of Nashville, TN – 1995 965
850/S70/V70 Group – Joel Sydlow of Denver, CO – 1997 850T5
S40/V40/V50/S60/C70//S80 Group – Brett Borders of Brighton, CO – 2006 S60R
V70/XC70/XC90 Group – Linda Donnelly of Fort Collins, CO – 1998 V70-XC
Volvo By The Pound – Allen Bergman of Waukee, IA – 1978 B-58
High Mileage Award – Robert Lindwall of Kansas City, MO – 1987 745
Furthest Distance Traveled – Lornie Haugen of Tomahawk, WI – 1994 850
“Bud Tugley Award” – Spencer Flournoy of Tulsa, OK – 1972 142E
“Best In Show Award” – Lornie Haugen of Tomahawk, WI – 1994 850 w/ Travel Trailer

Volvo’s Multimillionaire Ambassador – Irv Gordon of East Patchogue, NY was there with his venerable 1966 P1800 which had turned over 2.6+ Million miles along the way.

Jim McKamey of Portage, IN – was there with his “1967 1800S/1992 Corvette C-4” – better known as the “Volvette” – an amazing piece of engineering and art.

First Place Results of Sunday’s Scenic Road Rally were:
Vintage Class - Ann and Tom Stoffel of Louisville, CO – 1970 1800E
Classic Class – Tim Bohl and Arista Gates of Minneapolis and Inver Grove Heights, MN – 1980 262C
Contemporary Class – Lilly and Robert Hans of Lincoln, NE – 2007 S60