When is empty really empty?...just found out!!!
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      Well, it happened, sort of. I drove 5 kilometers after the computer said "--- kilomters to empty". Then I parked it for a few days and in the back of my mind, I was thinking that I should fill it

      So last night I started it and it wouldn't. Tried a minute later and again no go. Third time it started and it stalled right after. Oh s#!t !! Great... So I used a little brain and rolled the car backwards and shaking the car side to side and it started like normal. Great! And it ran fine so to the gas station I went thinking I would put in 77 or 78 liters. Nope, 67 liters!

      Now I am thinking that they put in the wrong size tank...from the NA S60? The service guy thinks the computer is tricking the engine and will look at it when I bring it in. I mean, sure I could fill it up earlier, but if you have 80 liters, I am leaving a 120km of range in the tank...why?

      By the way I got 610km on a tank of mostly city 80% of the time. I averaged 25.7mpg - 10.9L/100km, which is fantastic. By the way my trip computer says I average...10.9L, very accurate indeed!

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      HAHAHAHAHAHA, shaking the car to get the car started, that's just too funny..... but after you found out what the problem is, you better fill it up before it even lights up.

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