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    Thread: Clank/clunk

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      First off I have an 2005 GT with 36,500 miles. Been happening recently and now more pronounced. When coming to a stop i get this clank/clunk sound in the front left. Happens more when in the shiftronic when the transmissions shifts down. Also if my car is in park, I can grab the front left wheel and rock the car back and forth a little and it makes the same clank/clunk sound. I've also had on occasion where I go over a speed bump at work and I get this similar clunking sound(kind of like a compressed spring letting loose). I don't know if they are related. I also can rotate my steering wheel back and forth and get a clunking sound. Turn right momentary pause then clunk and vice versa. Stumped!!

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      Re: Clank/clunk (hoagrod)

      Trans: get your trans software updated. If that doesn't help, have them check for coolant contamination in the fluid. If there is no contamination, try a flush.

      Steering: check the TNN list (also a TNN there for the glycol contamination of trans fluid) for "steering yoke" problem. I had this done, but it turns out it didn't work..needed a new rack.

      TNN list is in the quick launch thread on the top.

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      Re: Clank/clunk (hoagrod)

      I would check the bushing on the transmission mount. Or just the mount. You might need a new one.

      "As the mount gets worse, unwanted engine and transmission movement translate to poor shifting performance (especially on manual cars), odd clunks, and accelerated wear on other mounts."

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      Re: Clank/clunk (hoagrod)

      Quote, originally posted by hoagrod »
      Also if my car is in park, I can grab the front left wheel and rock the car back and forth a little and it makes the same clank/clunk sound.

      Wheel torqued down all the way?

      Axle ping/ axle bolt loose?

      I doub't it has anything to do wtih a transmission mount if he can replicate the noise while the car is not moving, and transmission not loaded.

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      Re: Clank/clunk (chinaonnitrous1)

      Check the the entire left axle and its rubber boot.

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      Re: Clank/clunk (hoagrod)

      I agree with the last 2 posters on things to check. Based on the fact that you can make the noise just by turning the steering wheel, the 1st thing I would look at would be the inner and outer tie rod ends. Jack up the left front corner so the wheel hangs free, grab the tire at 9:00 and 3:00 o'clock, and push/pull on the tire like you're trying to turn the tire right and left. Listen for the noise and look for looseness at the tie rod ends or anywhere else. Good chance you'll find the problem this way.
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      It doesn't seem to be as smooth on the highway anymore either. I had it aligned about a month ago and I get a "little" vibration/shake in the steering wheel at highway speeds but is unnoticeable on neighbor hood roads driving around 30-40mph. I just had my tires checked(they're at proper psi) and my rims for any bends. They all turned out fine. The clank noise I'm getting seems to only be coming from the front left wheel. I tried same scenario on the right front and it wouldn't make the noise.

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      Sounds like a number of things , mostly front suspension and steering issues, believe the wheel moving back and forth is your tie rod ends " steering rods" perhaps ball joints, check links, control arms etc etc....the shake sounds like an endlink I just did my whole front suspension from control arms to links to struts to tierod ends it was expensive worth it though the R is running smooth, oh and wheel balance and alignment. For cheap oem parts call Darryl Wltrip Volvo ask for Don, oh and for added I did upper motor mount and lower trans mount( IPD POLY bushing mount). Just a word of advice though if you do one side may as well do the other side also.

      Whatever it is let us know what it was and how everything worked out , good luck!

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