Deflector v. no deflector
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      Junior Member Duett's Avatar
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      Dec 2001

      Deflector v. no deflector

      I have an S70 with the sunroof deflector accessory.

      Pros: blocks sun and wind, looks good
      Cons: blocks wind, squeaky, looks not so good

      1. Should I keep it or dump it?
      2. If i dump it, any suggestions for gently removing the weatherstripping adhered to the roof??? I'm concerned about using something too harsh.

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      Re: Deflector v. no deflector (Duett)

      How long has it been on?
      I've found out with the used cars I buy that have had them on is that,
      1: the roof possibly has some minor dents where it was tightened down.
      2: paint is scratched under where it had been installed.
      If you have removed it and everything looks OK, you can use any medium strength solvent, carefully heat the glue (heat gun or a hair dryer) and roll it off with your fingers.
      After that, just use a LIGHT compound if necessary, polish and wax.
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      Re: Deflector v. no deflector (Duett)

      I don't think that they look too bad, so if it was installed properly in the first place, I would just keep it on.

      My 2 cents...


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      Junior Member R2 Rnot's Avatar
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      May 2003

      Re: Deflector v. no deflector (Duett)

      I kinda like them but after a few years they tend to look scratched up after all the washes. Similar to the bug guards on suvs. You could either take it off or at least polish it up a bit with some plastic polish.

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      Re: Deflector v. no deflector (R2 Rnot)

      Odds are good that the paint underneath the seal is damaged, especially on the front corners.

      I took mine off of the '99. Yes, the paint is damaged. I cleaned most of it up with Meguiar's cleaner and polish, but a good bit is still there. I prefer the way it looks without the deflector, even with the scuffs in the paint.

      [edit] Didn't answer your main question - the weatherstripping/seal just lifted off. It's held on by the brackets - the weatherstripping/seal shouldn't be adhered to the paint. If it is, peel very gently, possibly keeping it wet, and hope for the best. [/edit]

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