First Service Interval Report - Significant Updates
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      First Service Interval Report - Significant Updates

      I just had my first service interval done (7K) last week and can report that I went in with a number of issues and while not all were addressed I ended up with a significantly improved XC60!

      The following are the issues I reported and their resolution:

      Premium Sound Issues
      1. Overwhelming bass level and bass distortion in Flat setting
      2. Scrolling stops working intermittently - need to restart car to restore.
      3. When Random Play is selected scrolling entries can result in indicated song not being the one played.

      I received an ICM update that removed the bass distortion and upper md-range glare. I even had to reduce the levels of my bass roll-off for my sub as it integrates better now. If I had gottent the care with this update I may have not embarked on adding a sub (or at least not immediately ) So far have not had an occurance of the scrolling lock-up. However, the #3 bug is still present.

      Navigation System Issues

      1. Addresses can be displaced sufficiently to not be noted as arrived at destination
      2. Fast/Easy Route selection predominantly selects city streets making it useless for trips along 101 for example.

      A map software update was uploaded which appears to address the first issue but the route selection issue is still exists and unfortunately makes the Nav system next to useless for daily commute/traffic monitoring. It is optimistic to a fault as to how long it takes to travel along surface streets in the SF Bay Area and there is no way to tell it I prefer freeways or to avoid surface streets. I got a survey about my opinion about the Volvo Nav system and I was not complimentary.

      BLIS system issue

      1. Intermittently at dusk only driver's side indicator flashes rapidly even when there are no cars. Turning on and off did not change. Tried cleaning lens without change.

      This the dealer claimed was documented in the Owners manual but he was not correct. The owners manual does not describe at all about a rapidly flashing driver's indicator. There also was never a BLIS error message in the display. I will say that I have not seen this occur in the week since I got the car back but I am watching for it. I have also not seen anyone here report this specific issue.

      Transmission Shift Issue

      1. Downshift can be jerky at slow speeds.

      The dealer claims there were no TCM updates and did not record any adjustment made but it feels like I have a whole different transmission. Accelerating from stops is now silky smooth with the only indication of a shift occuring being the tach needle dropping. No longer do I have to precisely meter the gas to have a smooth aceleration. Downshifts are also no longer clunky. I know a number of members have reported that th transimission was not smooth. I can say that this can be fixed though I can't say how. I will endeavor to find out.

      Now if they could only improve the Navigation ...
      2011.5 XC60 3.2L Flamenco Red/Anthracite Black, Premium, Multimedia, Convenience, BLIS, Xenon + Custom Subwoofer

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      I've seen the BLIS issue at dawn on my S60. Another person reports same thing. See:

      Haven't seen it since the time change and sun is higher during my morning commute.
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      Thanks for your usual excellent post, Mark...I will keep your list in mind when I bring mine in for 7K.

      I am currently looking for Sensus fixes to address intermittent lockup of SAT1/2 tuning (usually after a phone call and when I also have my iPod plugged in, but I still can't definitively isolate when/how to trip it), and intermittent bluetooth complete lockup of system (again unpredictable at this point), and intermittently having to re-pair my bluetooth phone (and I'm not using bluetooth audio). I know that there have been at least 1 or 2 updates since I took delivery in Aug so I'm cautiously optimistic.
      2012 XC60 T6 AWD, SeaShell Metallic / Anthracite, Platinum, BLIS, Xenons

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