Keyless ignition and keyless entry
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      Keyless ignition and keyless entry


      We have keyless entry and keyless ignition. Keyless entry unlocks the door when I open the door, I don't have to press the button, although the mirrors do not always go back to the memory positions. Keyless ignition lets me turn on the car by just pressing the Start button as long as the key is nearby.

      These are all nifty features, but personally they make me nervous since I am used to doing things another way.

      Is it possible to configure the car so that these features are turned off?
      I would like to car to unlock only when the key is pressed, and I would like the ignition to turn on only when the key is in the slot below the button.


      Matthew Harelick

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      you could just use the remote as you normally would and not touch the doors etc. You can also stick the key in the ignition and then press the start button.

      The features you mentioned don't erase any other features that you are used to except the use of a physical metal key... which by the way you could do as well but only on the drivers door.

      You can set the setting in the My Car menu to only have certain doors lock/unlock etc. So if you are nervous, then maybe you only have the automated unlock when you reach to open the door only unlock your door, then you would need to hit the unlock button in the car to unlock the other doors to let passengers in.

      You can also have the keyless setup that if you go to open other doors that is NOT the drivers door that it only unlocks the doors on that side of the car. Thereby maintaining safety etc.

      There isn't a way to turn these features off but you don't have to use them. Just treat them as they are not there and do things as you so wish and then lock down some of the automated features just in case and all will be well.

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