PB Coilovers: My review
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      PB Coilovers: My review

      Vehicle: 2007 Volvo C30 T5/M66
      Prior Set-up: OEM Lowering springs with OEM Shocks.

      Recently, I bought a set of Josephís PB coilovers for my Volvo. Iíd been intending to write a review ever since I installed them, but wanted to wait until I had a chance to test them out.

      Overall Product:
      Admittedly, I didnít really read up on what or who PB is, but trusted Joseph had done his research and bought a set. They arrived in a very well package box. PB coilovers came with 2 front coils/shocks, rear shocks, rear springs, perches and adjustment knobs. Even just out of the box, these things looked fantastic. Iíve bought cheap coilovers and very expensive coilovers, and these are at the top of the list in terms of quality. The price made me skeptical about the ride quality and the possible fitment, but I decided to give them a shot.

      Iíve never installed coilovers on a Volvo before, but didnít think it was too hard as Iíve installed suspension components on many different cars. I installed the front and rears with basic hand tools and a couple of jack stands...and beer. The install went without a hitch Ė these coilovers fit perfectly and didnít give me any issues. Some other sets that Iíve owned in the past either didnít fit right or I had to slightly modify areas. The PB coilovers had much better welds than the OEM tack welds that hold the brake line and ABS sensor. From the top hats to the bottom perch, these coilovers are one of the best Iíve seen.

      Height setting:
      To adjust the height for the front is quite simple: just loosen the main collar and twist the coilover up or down. It coils into the shock body unlike some of the other brands out there, which means it keeps the current coil spring load. Rears are just as simple. Iím currently running 18x8 Team Dynamics 1.2 Pro race wheels wrapped in 225/40R18 Dunlop extreme contact tires, and I do not rub anywhere. I could go lower, but I have a kid and ****ty roads to worry about... I value my oil pan. Skid plate is next

      (just installed pic, will settle lower)

      Ride quality:
      This is something I was very concerned about because I daily drive my C30 and on weekends I take many trips to the track or to visit family hours away. So, ride quality was key, especially with a wife and little 4yr old I cart around from time to time. I must say I am thrilled with how the PBs feel on the road. These are one of the best, if not the best riding coilover I have owned. Itís actually more comfortable than the OEM lowering spring/shock combo I had before the PBs. I couldnít believe it, and neither could my wife. She told me that she is happy I swapped to a more comfortable suspension. Win/win in my eyes! So needless to say, these are a very soft ride, but firm when cornering. If you require more firmness, just crank the adjustment screw to a more aggressive setting. These arenít the kind of coilover that will leave you bouncing everywhere like some of the cheaper set out there.

      I have tracked my C30 twice since purchasing it, once with the OEM lowering spring/shock set up and once with the PB coilovers. No doubt, the hardest setting on the PBs gave me a quicker time and handled the course in a much more behaved manner. Where the stock suspension fell flat, the PBs pushed harder. I gave some regular track heads a run for their money, even with their $5,000 suspension setups. Not saying these belong on a C30 race car, but for 99% of the enthusiasts on this and other boards, these will give every single one of you a smile on your face, and would more than satisfy your craving for suspension for track duties.

      Please know, Iím not here to bash any other coilover brand out there, but merely reporting my own experiences. With that said, I must share a quick story. A very close friend owns a 2005 S40 AWD and recently bought KW V1 coilovers for it. He installed them 6 months ago and was teasing me about how coilovers will make me want to buy shares in chiropractic research. He helped me install the coilovers I had purchased and was curious about the ride quality. After the installation we went on a 2-hour trip to a local car show and while in my C30, he posted his KW coilovers for sale on SS Ė haha! He was floored by how well these rode and was quite jealous because he had researched KW and thought he was getting the best coilover. After taking many friends and family for rides in my C30, everyone loves these and has no complaints.

      I must say that PB coilovers are a very high quality coilover system for any vehicle out there. Iím very happy with the fit, finish and ride quality. I was concerned having not known much about PB coilovers, but with Joseph of Miller Motoring answering all my questions, I pulled the trigger and havenít looked back. For the price, these are more than perfect for daily driving and for a track weekend warrior. These are easily one of the best, if not the best coilover systems I have ever owned and for the price that Miller Motoring is selling them for how could you go wrong?
      Iíd like to thank Joseph and Miller Motoring for giving me the opportunity to test these and hope this helps out anyone who wanted to know more information about these.

      Donít have a C30 or Volvo? PB makes these for many different makes, models and applications, visit http://www.millermotoring.com/Coilov...6_1475669.aspx

      I want to be clear that I am not being paid to write this review. Joseph requested an honest opinion to see if these coilovers would be good enough to grace the Miller Motoring website. I had fully expected to have a ďmehĒ experience with these and intended to write a review to express as much, but I was proven wrong. I guarantee that if after reading this youíre still a skeptic, as I was initially, you will be proven wrong too.

      '07 C30 T5

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      How are the PB's holding up?
      2005 S40 T5 - M66 - Silver w/ Off Black T-Tec - OBX 3" DP - EST Strut Bar - Auto Meter Boost Gauge - Premium Audio

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      Site is gone, out of business?

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      PB Brakes Coil overs for S40 / V50 etc are availiable direct from PB Brakes


      Have been looking at these again myself - hence how I dug this thread up - just wondering if anyone else had any experience of these?

      Not many options for AWD S40/V50 especially for $1000 - the low price is what makes me suspicious!

      I wonder if its worth trying these as a replacement for the stock sus and whether there will be any improvement. Im not looking to make it a dedicate track car but I would like to lower it without ruining the ride and making it unduly harsh and stiff.

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      Sorry guys just stumbled upon this.

      This is Joseph from MM the site is closed down due to me returning to full active duty and deploying. I didn't want to let the business go to crap since I was working and gone all the time.

      As said above you can order straight from dan at PB.

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      Morning Gentlemen,

      I'm currently the owner of a 2005 S40 T5 AWD and am seriously considering the purchase of these PB coils for my car based of the merits of the original post.

      I would just like to know if there are any others that have tried these on an AWD S40 with similar results.

      "Blood, Sweat and Gears"

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      Ľ2005 S40 T5 AWDę

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      Quote Originally Posted by Adriano View Post
      Morning Gentlemen,

      I'm currently the owner of a 2005 S40 T5 AWD and am seriously considering the purchase of these PB coils for my car based of the merits of the original post.

      I would just like to know if there are any others that have tried these on an AWD S40 with similar results.

      Here's my $0.02

      I have an 05 s40 awd like you do and recently purchased the PB coilover solely after reading this review.

      I don't have any experience with suspension upgrade or coilover but the PB set looks better and sturdier than OEM right out the box. Quality of the shock bodies are good and the wielding are pretty good as well.

      Fitting the front was text book, the rear was generally okay with minor annoyance when it comes to fitting the rear adjustment cables because the rear perch is flat instead of slightly angled like OEM.

      The front were easy to do and we were able to get pretty low (about 1 finger fender gap); but we are still adjusting the rear coz we ran out of time today, currently has about 2 inches of rear fender gap but according to Dan (from PB) it should go lower when the spring and shock body are adjusted in unison. I am running factor 17" rims and tires and so far so good.

      Ride quality

      The ride is much firmer than factory OEM (the rally ride height instead of sports). My set is the basic pillow mount, no camber plate and the dampers are in the softest setting, with my pretty low front and funky high rear my bones are quite shaken when going over sharp speed bumps or pot holes. I may raise the front a little bit and see how it feels but these PB coilovers aren't grand touring shock sets for sure.

      I haven't done much serious driving due to rainy weather; the understeering nature didn't change on wet surface but cornering definitely feels different. I also have racing beat rsb.

      I will have to put more time setting this up but I generally happy with what I paid for.

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      Good article. I agree with all the comments also. Many sellers don’t realize the power of presentation and how it can add thousands to their bottom line. Also, in my experience as a realtor, I always strongly recommend home staging regardless of how nice the home is.

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