Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement
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      Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

      Just wanted to share my experience with this since I actually took a few photos.

      I used these two threads as a guide. PM'd Evan and he was nice enough to get back to me with some info. From the writeups I made sure to do two things, disconnect the battery before touching any of the connectors and used a dremel to cut slots in the breakaway bolts. Total time on this for me was like an hour. As always it was at my own risk so don't come crying if you screw this up.

      I called Tasca and ordered part #1 in the link, provided my vin and came to my door in a week for ~$240.

      Two things relating to this picture. First is you must unclip that green connector to make your dremel cuts (it's in the way). That clip connects to the rectangular slot to the left of the left breakaway bolt in the first picture. The second is the two holes that are threaded here will not be threaded on the new lock, you need to used some force and make threads with the self tapping screws. It is much easier to do this out of the car.

      And this is how I really feel about ignition locks
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      Great post. Know the feeling. Too funny.
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      +10 on this post. The screws are soft metal and not torqued so I quick zip with a dremel and slowly back them out with a screwdriver. Saved tons of time! Had this job done in 30 mins. Here are some pics.

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