Headlight Wiper has a mind of its own...
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      Headlight Wiper has a mind of its own...

      So my driver's side headlight wiper basically just does whatever it wants now. After spraying the headlights (during which it sometimes moves and sometimes doesn't), it goes back to whatever position it feels like--sometimes the normal resting position, sometimes sticking straight up, and sometimes at the far end of its path.

      I figure the motor must be bad, but wanted to confirm that I'm onto the right line of thinking before spending the time and money to replace that. Is that probably what's causing this, or is there something else I should be looking into?

      (And no I don't want to get rid of the wipers; in fact I love them)

      2004 Volvo V70 R M66 Titanium Grey/Atacama

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      Hi Jonkoping,

      The wiper motors on these cars are a common failure item and symptoms are just as you have mentioned.

      You can find it on our site here: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/vol...70-s60-8620959



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      Welcome to the dead headlight wiper club. Most of us who get there don't bother fixing them if our particular climate doesn't make them that necessary due to their cost.

      You have two options, either you can remove them all together, or wait till its in the right position and unplug it. Even if you unplug them, it will not generate any codes or console warnings.

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      Locate and temporarily disconnect the wiper motor connector in question and connect it to a 12V source (there should be 3 leads - don't ask me which one's which). If the motor doesn't do anything it's broke. I would check your local junk yards for one. I know the ones for my V70R and S40 are similar. The connectors are different and the shaft for the wiper blade for the V70 is a bit longer. FYI, the motors alone look alike but are side-specific due to the resting parking position of the wiper. It's fairly easy replacing these, but it's a pain getting to them. That's why many just unplug it and live with it.
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