Help with parking Brake Pedal
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      Help with parking Brake Pedal

      I have a problem with my parking brake pedal not fully returning up when released. I have to grab the release handle and lift up on the pedal with my foot to get the last little bit of travel and get the warning light to go off. If you do not bring it fully up, it is not fully disengaged either. It is a manual foot pedal, is there a return spring on the pedal or is it is the brake assembly itself?

      As always any input appreciated, cheers!

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      No input other than my car has been like this for years. The first time we found out wife drove my car. She pulled over and said brake light is on but I released the lever. We found out to fully disengage you have to the method you are doing. Pull it up that extra inch

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      I had the exact same issue. Without frequent usage, the mechanism gets sticky. If you look under the dash above the parking brake pedal, you will see a black piston connected to the pedal. You can oil the rod so it slides easier in and out of the piston. I used a couple of drops of sewing machine oil. The pivot point is directly above the pedal and hidden from view behind the steel bracket. You can find it if you feel around with your fingers. I used WD40 with an applicator to spray up there. Overall it is fixed, but occasionally the parking brake light still stays on. I only need to pull the pedal slightly now for it to turn off.
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