2005 volvo s60R / MT / Magic Blue with Atacama Interior / Clean inside and out / Charlotte, NC
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      2005 volvo s60R / MT / Magic Blue with Atacama Interior / Clean inside and out / Charlotte, NC

      [B]Make/Model: Volvo s60R
      Year: 2005
      Mileage: 63,6xx
      Color: Magic Blue
      Transmission: 6 speed
      Condition: The front bumper is sagging a bit, pretty bad rock chips on the bumper. Got a dent or two, but nothing too serious.
      Location: Charlotte, NC
      Selling Price: $16,000 OBO
      Contact Information: Text 980-254-5478

      I am putting my baby up for sale. It's a 2005 s60r 6 speed with a combination of magic blue paint and the atacama interior. I painted the wheels gold flake, they were very well done! CLEAN car inside and out!
      The car has about 63,xxx miles on it. Currently my daily driver to and from class and work.
      The car is in good shape, super clean.

      Doesn't have many mods but are as follows:
      - OBX downpipe
      - straight pipe
      - IPD turbo control valve
      - I do have the stock exhaust still.

      -sagging bumper, pretty bad rock chips.
      -Sunroof doesn't work. Was told it was the siren sensor.
      -minor dent in driver side passenger door. Will be getting fixed soon.

      if you need anymore info, just shoot me a text.

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      I know this post is not really in use anymore, but I might as well add that this is the same car that I recently picked up, and I would like to say wow! Its truly a great car! I will definitely try to keep in it good shape!
      2005 S60R M66 | Magic Blue | Atacama | OBX DP |

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      Gorgeous... This is exactly the combination I want. If I could sell my R tomorrow I'd pick this up.
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      07R Magic Blue - Sold
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