850 Technical Information, How-To, DIY, FAQ, and More
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      850 Technical Information, How-To, DIY, FAQ, and More

      All the following links are available at this site and have been identified by SwedeSpeed members. Help keep us the strongest Volvo community on the 'net by contributing information to the SwedeSpeed forums!

      SwedeSpeed forum FAQ

      850 Photo Thread

      850 Recall Notice
      850 History
      800 Series Model Information
      How to tell if you have an R ECU
      Switches, Accessories, and Controls Explained (video)

      Common Issues:
      ABS light / controller repair (video)
      Key Stuck in the Ignition (video)
      OBD-I Read/Reset Codes (video)
      Odometer Broken, Reading Actual Mileage 1993-95 (video)
      Odometer Repair (videos)
      Rare, Sudden, No Start Condition (video)
      Resetting Service Light 1993-95 (video)
      TRACS and ABS Lights On Discussion

      Engine and Drivetrain:
      Alternator Repair (video)
      AC Recharge with Freon (video)
      Blower Motor Replacement (video)
      Brake Pad Replacement (videos)
      Cabin Filter Replacement (video)
      Cam Shaft Sensor Testing (video) and also here (video)
      Crank Shaft Sensor Testing (video) and also here (video)
      Coolant Flush (video)
      CV Axle Replacement (Driver Side) (Video)
      Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement (video)
      Engine Compression Test (video)
      Front Wheel Bearing Replacement (video)
      Fuel Filter Replacement (video)
      Fuel Pump Relay Test (video)
      Fuel Pump Replacement (video)
      Head Removal and Installation (videos)
      Ignition Switch Replacement (video)
      Oil Change (video)
      Oil Cooler Line Replacement (video)
      O2 Sensor Replacement (video)
      PCV Replacement (videos) and System Check (video)
      PNP Switch Replacement (video)
      Radiator Replacement (video)
      Serpentine Belt Replacement (video)
      Spark Plug Replacement (video)
      Starter Replacement (video)
      Thermostat and ECT Sensor Replacement (video)
      Timing Belt Replacement (video)
      Transmission Fluid Change (video) and Fluid Level Check (video)
      Wastegate Valve Adjusting

      Audio, Accessories, and Interior:
      Ash Tray Removal (video)
      Dash Mounting Tab Repair (video)
      Dash Removal (video)
      Dash Repair
      Front Door Panel Removal (video)
      Front Speaker Removal (video)
      Headrest Removal (video)
      Heated Seat Repair (video)
      Heater Core Replacement (video)
      Heater Not Working (video)
      Interior Fan Removal (video)
      MP3 Player Adapter Mod (video)
      Power Window Switch Removal (video)
      Radio Light Repair (video)
      Rear Hatch Support Strut Replacement (video)
      Seat Recliner Repair (video)
      Shift Knob Button Repair (video)
      Shift Light Replacement (video) and also here (video)

      Performance Modifications (Engine, Suspension, Brakes, etc.):
      Lowering Spring Discussion and also here
      Non-Turbo to Turbo Conversion Discussion and also here
      Turbo Upgrade Discussion

      Detailing, Cosmetics, and Body:
      Door Trim Removal (video)
      Fading Bumper Trim Discussion and also here
      Front Lip Repair (video)
      Headliner and Sunroof Removal (video)
      Rear Bumper Removal (video)
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