Replacing Vacuum Lines and Hoses... Tune-Up... Whole Nine Yards... Help?
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      Replacing Vacuum Lines and Hoses... Tune-Up... Whole Nine Yards... Help?

      With 269k on the motor of the '00 V70R and a fluttering rpm needle at idle, I suspect my issue is a vacuum leak. So in preparation a little DIY tune up, I've decided to replace spark plugs, TCV valve, TCV hoses, and all of the other hoses I can replace.

      Anyone know of any good tutorials/videos, or diagrams that can show me which and every last hose I should/need to replace? What must-have tools do I need to get? Any advice, help, recommendations I can get would be appreciated.
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      also consider fresh coil packs along with spark plugs and also check all intercooler hoses for leaks. if they are original they'll be showing some wear by now. CBV my also need to be replaced. i just followed the vacuum diagrams you can google it was very straight forward. CBV is a total pain and takes some patience. IPD has a good video on the CBV

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      For less than $100 & 2 hours time cleaning the etm might contribute to idle fine tuning & oil cooler seals replace & hose check at that mileage might help in would the PCV but that is a bit more time consuming...acquire a set of stubby & thin mechanic wrenches if you hit the CBV; removal is easy, replace/tighten up defines "patience" if the turbo remains in car
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      These kits are handy if you want to go silicone on your vacuum hoses, they have black so you can keep it bling free if you want, or blue/red for flashiness. Silicone will pretty much outlast the car.

      Scroll down for hose quantity and sizes. They also have a $50 kit with a lot more hose in it.

      This is a good company, they are close to me and I've used them in the past.
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