Flaky window driver's side window switch.
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      Flaky window driver's side window switch.

      Has anyone experience this problem? Window goes down all the way...but sometimes, maybe once in a couple of weeks, I press the switch to close the window, but nothing happens. I jiggle it a bit and finally it closes....problem then dissapears and everything works as normal.....until weeks later, where the same thing appears again.


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      Re: Flaky window driver's side window switch. (Toronto1)

      earlier this year i had a similar problem with the starboard side rear window. using the driver's door switch i could get it to go down but not up. had to lean way over and reach across the cabin to use the switch on the door. (very hairy at speed i can tell you.)

      thought i should get the dealer to fix it, then i noticed post here that said replacing the driver door switches was a piece of (chocolate) cake. so i ordered it from one of the discount sites others on the forum have used and put it in myself. i think the switch cost $83 (about half price) plus a little shipping.

      total elapsed time from arrival of the switch in its nice brown box to throwing the old switch away was about five minutes. most of the time was spent looking for a small thin flat bladed screwdriver sort of tool to lever the old switch up enough to get a grip on it so i could pull it out.

      and a delicious piece of chocolate cake it was too.


      ps: it took me longer to write this post.

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      Re: Flaky window driver's side window switch. (s60r05)

      Yep, common problam with C70s
      Drivers side switch goes bad. When it goes all bad nothing works as all the door switches run through this one first. Trunk and gas filler won't work along with the door locks.
      As was stated above the switch takes about 2 minutes to replace
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      ive noticed my passanger window sometimes goes up very slowly if at all sometimes have to leave the button and then press again didn't try it from the passanger side though but does this sound like that problem? just the switch?

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      Re: (P.Jackson)

      I had that same problem last year. It slowly deteriorated. You need to replace the window cartridge. The cartridge is approx $600 + $300 for installation. This is a known problem.

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