Snow tire choices vs All seasons - comments suggestions?
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      I never thought I would have to think much about getting tires for the Volvo. The
      Nokian's on the VW are amazing.


      since the Volvo is an extremely low mileage car (less than 7500/year) I could go with a
      serious Ice and snow tire like the Hakka Q (Nokian) and it would last forever - much
      longer than the car would. And is that worth it? The other factor to consider is that
      the Nokian guys say that it should take a 185-70R14 OEM. Well we have beaten that topic
      to death - 185R14 is what 185-80R14 and the proper diameter tire is a 205-70R14 right?

      The Hakka Q is $77 in a 185-70R14 and $96 in the 205-70R14

      kinda expensive even for that.

      So I started looking at the options. People have mentioned the Dunlops HS-1 as a great

      Tire rack shows 3 options in the 207-70R14.
      Blizzak WS-50 at $68 a piece Michelin Artic-Alpin at $65 a piece and the
      Firestone Winterfire at $45 a peice.

      And I thought well geesh $45 a peice if they last 1/2 as long as the Hakka Qs it will be
      okay - and this car is driven super conservatively (baby in the back - turns are taken
      very slow even when dry out). And the other thing is the inital outlay of capital.
      (looking for investment return)

      Okay that said I could drop the width down to 195-75s and see a price drop of about
      $8-10/tire (not bad for the trade off) but going to a 185-80R14 or a 185R14 nothing
      comes up. If I drop down to a 195-65R14 things look better with the addition of the
      Yoko Guardex 600 at $49 a peice. Then if I drop down to a 185-70R14 the Dunlops show up
      the HS-1 is $43 and the DS-1 is $46 the Firestone Winterfire drops down to $39 in that
      size and the Blizzak is still $63!

      There now I have thought well then I will need to get some all seasons soon anyway -
      what about some good all seasons. Well the Nokian NRW was the first choice - but at $77
      for the wrong size and not tire availible for the 205-70R14 I started to look at other
      stuff. And the Goodyear Aquatread 3 showed up. It looks a lot like the NRW in some
      respects. People have said good stuff about it in the snow and well now I am thinkin
      about that.

      Anyone have any comments or helpfull suggestions?

      Right now I am looking at the Firestone Winterfire in the 205-70R14, 195-75R14 or
      185-70R14, the Yoko Guardex 600 in the 195-65R14, or the Dunlop Graspic HS-1 or DS-1 in
      hte 185-70R14 size and then the host of all season/touring tires in a few months.

      Sticking with the snows does anyone have first hand experience with the ones I am
      considering? Mostly for a cost factor so wear compared to longevity is important. If
      the Hakka Qs are gonna dry rot after 3 years before they wear out I don't want to spend
      that much money - I would rather get 2 years out of a cheaper set of tires.


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      I for one hate all-season tires and will always use a set of snow tires in winter. That's just my preference and opinion and I'm not trying to force them on anyone. As mentioned in my topic in this forum, the S70 has Gislaved Nord Frost-2's and I am very impressed with their performance. My VW is has a set of Nokian Hakka 1's in a 205/65-15 (down from the 225/45-17's I use in summer), another winter tire I am very impressed with. I have used the Arctic Alpin, and find it very well suited to the winters we get in Toronto. I find they have more grip than the Gislaved's or Nokian's when it's dry or the roads are a little wet, common conditions between snowfalls.

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      I looked at the Hakka Q's and the Alpins before I decided on the Alpins. I found them at a Costco for 100$ less, and that sealed the choice. For Calgary / prairie weather, they're fine. However, I could see that deep snow (ie Chicago/Ontario) stuff could cause some issues that would make me go for the Hakkas.

      The Alpins do however, emit a bit of a "turbine" like whine while running in the wet. This may bug you if you find yourself running in the wet a lot. Me, I just pretend I've slapped on the turbofan assist.

      I'd go for the Alpins at least. You seem to value safety in this car (baby) and I wouldn't want to cheap out too much.

      I've also driven in an RWD 240. Talk about tail happy. Whatever you do, definately get something for the snow.

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