Towing with 04 v70 2.5t - hitch & towing suggestions
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      Towing with 04 v70 2.5t - hitch & towing suggestions

      Hi I am considering hauling a Uhaul 5x10 trailer (3000 lbs) about 2100 miles with my v70 2.5t and looking for help.
      I need to get across country and need to move my car and some stuff.

      - Hitches ( looking at Reese and Curt)
      - Transmission cooler ?
      - What other concerns (ie dont do it).

      The car has 150k and always had factory recommended service (timing belt, radiator, synthetic oil every 4k) and a totally redone suspension w/ Bilsteins @ 100k.

      Any suggestions regarding towing (including warnings) and such would be welcome.


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      Here's a cut and paste to a response I sent over PM recently.

      Quote Originally Posted by Antherzoll
      Ordered these two parts from

      If you need 2" you can buy an adapter

      Install is a breeze, 6 bolts that are already tapped into the frame. Just need to remove the rear tow hook. Wiring harness is straight forward.

      I installed a Hayned/B&M transmission cooler and a Magifine inline filter, and perform regular fluid changes, which I strongly recommend.

      Also upgraded the front brakes, but that isn't necessary.

      My trailer is 1000lbs unload. We usually load all of our gear into, (mind you my XC is approx. 300hp, 336ft/lb). I've towed this trailer almost clean across the country, besides the extra room needed for stopping the XC handles it very well.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Antherzoll
      Also if needed, I had to purchase a set of tow mirrors for my XC as the trailer is quite wide. Bought a set from Milenco, while pricy they perform very well. They stay firm in place, and the reflection is quite stable.

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      One additional suggestion. Keep the transmission in low gear when acellerating or climbing hills.
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