Need exhaust for 98 S70
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      Need exhaust for 98 S70

      I've owned 5 Volvos in the past. Several 740s a couple 240s.

      Just picked up a 98 S70 T5 in decent shape to use to commute the 15 miles I drive back and forth to work. It's in decent shape but the exhaust system is pretty beat up and I would like to replace the entire thing right from the turbo to the tail pipe and never worry about it again.

      My google search skills are failing me. What is everyone running for an exhaust? Is there a complete kit out there that I haven't seen yet?

      Picture of the car, because everyone likes pictures...

      Has tons of service history. Tires are brand new, timing belt and associated tensioner, pulleys and water pump were just done 15k miles ago. Interior is slightly beat up.

      I'm looking for a stock, quiet exhaust.

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      Stock replacement. Its literally the downpipe/cat and then the suitcase muffler and pipes as one piece.
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      A quick search shows you can also get that part here:
      I just noticed the $19 'handling' (probably to wrap it up for shipment-understandable). This makes it virtually the same price.
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      I have original downpipe through the suitcase to the rear muffler attachment. Where are you located? Would be willing to give you the part that includes the suitcase if you know how to ship it. Have no use for it myself. The rest,front section, would be $80 plus shipping.
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      You need stock if you want quiet. I'd also consider converting to an angle flange turbo setup while your're at it.
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      Would this be the same part for a 2000 non-turbo fwd V70?

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