switching 20" wheels to 18" wheels on new XC60? Factory configuration?
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      Question switching 20" wheels to 18" wheels on new XC60? Factory configuration?

      Shopping for a new XC60 I cannot find 18" wheels in my desired vehicle configuration from any dealer within 500 miles. One dealer offered to switch the 20" wheels for 18" wheels, "no problem." However, another dealer said they would not do this. Reading online indicated there may be concerns with brakes or suspension.

      Is there any reason not to do this?

      Some questions it posed:
      • Does Volvo configure the car differently in the factory for the wheel size?
      • Will it void warranty or insurance?
      • Other?...



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      The attached brochure may answer your questions.

      There may be some handling/braking differences between wheel sizes but all the wheels listed in the brochure will fit all models.

      Different models get different wheels/sizes.
      The T5 is the only model that comes from the factory with 18" wheels.

      Changing wheel sizes will not void the manufacturer's warranty particularly if the new wheel is from the manufacturer.
      Who knows about insurance. It shouldn't; but you never know what insurance companies will do.

      Search the XC60 Forum. There are a number of threads about changing wheel sizes.
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      I'm having this concern, I have the 20" wheels great for street and handling, but im moving to snow country and would like 18" or 19" for a snow chain option, I've spoken to the dealer for a set of takeoffs,

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      Did you ever track a set of Take-offs? if so, Which dealer did you work with? I'm trying to source a set of 18's that will fit a V90CC.
      It looks to be that the V90CC and the XC60 have the same 346mm brake system that drive the limited chaoice of 18" wheels.
      It's been confirmed that pre-SPA 18's (e.g. the atlantis formthe Zero's XC90) Will NOT fit.

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