TPMS part substitutions - please contribute
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      TPMS part substitutions - please contribute

      A couple items.

      1) Have any of you used the Lincoln Town Car TPMS's - they run on the same 315 Mhz frequency but they strap to the inside of the wheel rather than integral to the air (Schrader) valve. If you tried this please post whether it worked or not.

      2) If you have replaced your TPMS yourself (or bought some and had them installed) are you aware of problems to watch out for (counterfeits etc)?

      3) Is there a brand (VDO, Schrader, etc) to prefer? Avoid?



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      Similar questions as original poster. Does anyone have any aftermarket TPMS experience with:

      1) Can you transfer 315 Mhz TPMS sensors from one Volvo to another as long as each car runs 315? Or once they are matched to one vehicle can not transfer to another?
      2) Is there a TPMS brand that you have had success (or quick failure) with?
      3) I can find TPMS warranties upto one year. Do you know of a brand with a warranty longer than one year?

      Thanks for replies
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      Can't answer the other questions, but I picked up some cheap RockAuto VDO sensors and they work fine. Got them on clearance for like 6 or 7 each. Use them on steelies + winter tires. Didn't need anything special and so far no issues.

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      I replace the VDO 315 sensor in the 2009 S60 with one from FCP Euro. It was about 39$. I bought a Harbour Freight tire bead breaker for about 44$ to break the tire down and replace the sensor myself. very simple.

      I have also added TPMS after market system using OEM in wheel sensors to my 2007 V50 which did not have a TPMS at all. Happy with the results.

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