Advice 2017 XC60 vs 2018 XC60
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      Advice 2017 XC60 vs 2018 XC60

      I recently purchased a 2017 XC60 T5 Dynamic with all options and am now considering the 2018 XC60
      T5 Inscription. I've been looking for a good comparison chart and cannot find one to best gauge pros and cons. What are your thoughts? Should I sell my '17 or keep it...

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      Keep it, unless money is no object. The heart of the car should be so close to exactly the same, you won't be able to tell the difference. If you could tell the difference, I would think you would have been on top of the new model coming and waited.

      Other points: more modifications available for the P3, with waning demand helping prices and you don't want to have the first model year of anything if you aren't able to suss out the differences yourself.
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      You will take a large depreciation hit on the sale of your '17 and you won't get much of a discount on the '18 as they are brand new so it will be an expensive move.

      Folks will certainly disagree but first year Volvos (and many other cars too for that matter) typically have first year teething issues that folks who paid more than subsequent years get to deal with.

      The new car looks wonderful and I plan on getting one sometime over the next few years.
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      All great points. I may decide a change for the 19 model instead and enjoy the one I have now. Thanks

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nitsugajr View Post
      All great points. I may decide a change for the 19 model instead and enjoy the one I have now. Thanks
      Yes, keep the 17. Those who got the new xc90 when it first arrived all have some kind of electric issues.... I recently drove the new S90. The interior is gorgeous but feels cheap. I think waiting until the 19 is a wise choice!

      Also by then, there will be the xc40 avail as well.

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      Since someone brought up the topic of the 2018 XC60, I have a minor quibble with it. The taillights of a Honda CRV have long resembled that of the XC60. So Volvo decided to extend the taillights inward on the gate, Honda went and did the same exact thing. I'm cool with the front end of the 2018 XC60, like a mini updated new gen XC90. They should have retained those same awesome, bitchin' taillights of the previous generations of the XC60. Not that anyone should mistake an XC60 with a CRV, there are so many MORE CRV's on the road. Both in a totally different class, I've had jackasses in CRV's try to take on my 2013 T6 (thinking it's another CRV, maybe?), are you kidding, not today or any other day, pal!
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