random thoughts: 2018 S90 vs 2018 XC60 vs 2013 S60
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      random thoughts: 2018 S90 vs 2018 XC60 vs 2013 S60

      I had an opportunity to test drive both the 2018 S90 T5 Momentum and 2018 XC60 T6 AWD Inscription, and I own the 2013 S60 T5.

      The biggest takeaway for me - a new found appreciation for how well my S60 drives and its interior quality.

      Random reflections:

      - Of course the new cars drive great but the difference is not that noticeable....maybe a little less jerky transmission.
      - The new ones have great dashboards/center consoles, and tech in general.
      - It felt like some of the plastics have been downgraded just little - particularly the plastic edge trim around the center tunnel with the gear shifter.
      - S60 gear shifter is nicer!
      - S60 feels softer: under butt, back, arm. I had to take a moment to touch the arm rest since it appeared very hard at first in both the S90 and XC60. Might be that they are brand new. They are certainly padded.
      - S90 and XC60 headrests are smaller. Seats feel harder but are still very supportive. Not sure how they feel on longer trips. But it was such a relief to sit back into my S60.
      - S90 had a plastics outgassing smell. XC60 was pleasant.
      - XC60 was not that remarkable in acceleration - considering it had a T6. Still very good but nothing to write home about. But I wonder how XC60 T5 might do? S90 was pretty good for T5.
      - Nice headroom in XC60, the seats go way down.
      - I didn't miss the HUD in S90, although it's pretty sweet in the XC60.

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      Good to know. We just got a 2017 Maxima, fully loaded and it made me realize how really nice our '13 S60 with 102k really is. Fit, finish and ride quality are all way above the Maxima, even though they are similiar in price ($41 for the S60, $43 for the Maxima) The Maxima has more tech, but is also 4 years newer, lacks AWD and a real transmission and costs a few grand more.
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      A month or so ago I had my S60 in for service and got a 2017 V60 as a loaner. It was an impressive ride but the seat did feel firmer, the leather wasn't as nice and some of the dials felt cheaper, more like plastic.
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      I just had a new V90CC for a loaner yesterday and I thought the steering wheel looked very cheap. It was tiny and the finishes just looked low-end. While the touch screen console is cool, it does take a few extra taps to get things done vs. just doing them on our current console via knobs/buttons.

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      I think in time, people will realize how well designed the S60/V60 infotainment system is. Big, quick, easy access buttons make it so simple to change and look for what you want to do.

      I had a XC90 as a loaner and the infotainment system had sooo much going on. I just wanted to turn off the rear climate control and it seemed like I had to go through endless menus. Not to mention I had to clean the screen from the 50 people before me who had left their fingerprints all over it. That can quickly turn the high end interior into a messy looking play pen.

      I got back in mine and it felt like a go cart vs the truck like XC90. The main thing the surprised me was just how much more feedback and steering feel i got from mine vs the XC.
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      I originally was leaning towards the s90 and followed it for quite awhile, test drove it twice and really wanted to love it. Then the v90cc was next up but it just seemed too big and too much. I am a gadget guy and love new tech which is what lured me to the new design but the lack of buttons is a problem. Form over function sometimes can go astray and I think they overdid it in this new sensus upgrade. Nice to have a larger screen but needing to use it for virtually everything is distracting as hell. I ended up with a 2017 v60cc which I love so far. The tech is a little long in the tooth but I love the size, the drive and looks. I think the design is aging quite well. I leased it for three years and will see how the next gen v60 evolves but for now, as a former Saab guy, I am loving my V60cc platinum.

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      I think you'll enjoy this:

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      The S90 touchscreen does take time to get used to. Apparently, you can re-arrange icons to better fit your idea of a better touch screen. Or, play around with voice control and not touch the screen. I am using voice control more and more. Favorite was telling my S90 to fold down the rear head rests.

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      Volvo isn't the same company anymore. I hope they can navigate the changes inherent to operating under new management. So far I'd say it's been 50/50. The new cars may very well point to where things are headed.
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