06 S40 T5 AWD Manual Cam Seal
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      06 S40 T5 AWD Manual Cam Seal

      Hi there,

      So it looks like my S40 is starting to feel a little sorry for itself.

      What appears to have happened, is the PCV hasn't been done, then weakened the cam seal at the back. Therefore, seeping oil all over my timing belt.

      Any ideas how to best deal with this? Getting quotes around the $2000 CAD area, it's a bit above my skill level. I won't touch anything related to timing.

      I hear the pulleys themselves can be the cause of the leak too.

      I guess I'm looking for some suggestions on how the cam seal is done (I've read the PCV procedure). Just try & soften the blow on this one. Debated trading the car in, but realistically I won't get anything more suitable to my needs for the same kind of budget.

      Are there any mods I can do at the same time that'll make me feel like it's not just repairs?

      Kind regards,


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      Pull out the old cam seal, clean up the oil, and push the new one in.

      The trick is to get to the seal, which is behind the cam pulley, timing belt, etc.

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      Yeah, order the kevlar/cf timing belt and put it in. Pretty blue and supposedly indestructible. There are no other mods at this time for that side of the engine unless you have time and access to a 5 axis CNC miller.

      As for the cam seals, they're not super difficult, only thing is getting the tools and the replacement bolts for tearing the old ones out, and the tool to lock the cams in place. otherwise, simple task overall.
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