ATF cooler and Engine oil cooler
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      ATF cooler and Engine oil cooler


      My car is 2007 S60 T5 (2.4)

      Planning to install ATF cooler ( 16 rows Setrab) and Engine oil cooler (19 rows Setrab)

      Here ambient temperature is averaging 35-38 celcius.

      For ATF cooler, better bypass radiator or run in tandem with radiator? If bypass radiator, will Setrab 16 rows sufficient?

      In stop go heavy traffic jam, will ATF temperature get hotter?

      As for Setrab 19 rows engine oil cooler, i take away the factory liquid to liquid engine oil cooler , and replace with adapter plate...with long hoses connect to Setrab engine oil cooler. Will install the Setrab engine oil cooler at the front tyre well. Will use 7" fan as at that location no direct air flow.

      Unfortunately no gauges to read both ATF and engine oil coolers temperature. Hope my planned setup works fine in hot climate

      Thanks in advance for any reply

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      My guess if you're trying to keep ATF temp down, a small secondary inline it with the radiator.

      I suggest you get the android app "Torque" and a cheap bluetooth ODBII adaptor. You can read the transmission temp with it, total cost $25-$30 US. This will give you the information you need to understand how big of a secondary cooler you need for the ATF. I leave in a climate where the temperatures gets to 32-35 and do not have ATF temp issues in stop and go traffic.

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      V70 2.4T5 M66 Summum
      Stage 2+ by contrast

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