finally... MY service woes...
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      finally... MY service woes...

      Well, here's my epic "struggle" with service...

      I had a few problems with my T5 coming into my first service visit. First was with the audio system. My rear speakers were barely working. The rear tweeters were alright, but the rear mains were barely audible. Second was dealing with a check engine light and the sputtering and stalling that happened to me a lot of times during a "bad gas tank" episode.

      The regular service was fine, and I scheduled a day for the tech to spend with the car so I could get a loaner. I ended up having a loaner for three days...Here's what they found...

      Check Engine Light- The bad tank of gas caused a lot of wierd engine behavior. They ended up having to change the O2 sensor. They had one on site, so they fixed that on the first day. No more CEL... but wait...

      Audio- They found that both rear mains and one of the rear tweeters were broken. They said it was probably caused by a faulty connections with the amp, therefore pushing the speakers to break. They had to over night the speakers, and they were fixed on the second day with no problems... YET.'s the kicker...

      As the technician was finishing up with the audio system, the CEL came back on. This time around, they said that they need to put in a new Turbo Boost Solenoid. (grrrr) They said they were going to over night it and do it on day 3. I get a call back later and find out that the boost solenoids for the T5 were on a national back order and would take a 2 weeks to come in.

      They gave me my car back because they said it was still driveable. I was just told not too push it too hard and to expect some jerky shifts during slow acceleration. I didn't mind too much. So yea, it's been two weeks and I'm finally bringing it back in on Tuesday for the work. They have to remove the bumper and all b/c the solenoid is found by the front wheel. GREAT.

      They asked me about my driving habits, and the tech thought that I was red lining it and racing it, but thats not the case. I only push it occasionally... definitely not enough to break the solenoid. The computer also showed no indication of that.

      so yea... an O2 sensor, new speakers, and waiting for 2 weeks. Thank god it's all under warranty. The dealership is amazing with service too. They're all great and the put my car on priority for the techs. They gave me an S40 2.4i the first time, and I belive i'm getting an S60 T5 to fool around in on Tuesday.

      So yea, thats my little story. I'll continue this when I get my car back on Wednesday.

      Oh Volvo...

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      Sounds like an adventure bro, hope it all works out.

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      Re: finally... MY service woes... (Dygitalpmp)

      I wouldn't call that a struggle. It's seems like you owe your service advisor a gift card!
      There are not a lot of service depts out there that can diagnose the problem and get it right the first time around. Yeah, it took a little while but ultimately they fixed it right? At least you didn't get the standard Volvo response: "Oh, they all do that." I would love to have your service dept here.

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      yea... i didn't mean to come across like I was upset with the service department... they're amazing.

      I'm just frustrated that all this stuff happened within 3 months of purchase.

      Trust me, i'm glad that this dealership is in Baton Rouge... it's a big city dealership with a small town friendliness.

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      Re: (Dygitalpmp)

      As long as they are good to you, don't worry about it. I had a strut fail under 1K mile (832 miles to be exact), took the dealer two times to fix because they broke something while replacing the strut.

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