two 780 bertone coupes offered for sale in rhode island
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      two 780 bertone coupes offered for sale in rhode island

      i posted this info in the marketplace area, and thought it was a good idea to place it here whare other 700 series owners could also see it.

      i have two 780 coupes for sale. One is a B230ft turbo with 150K, and the other is a strong running 6cyl. both run and drive. both were great road cars, when i was using them. they both have issues, and both would require work, but not too bad. the turbo was hit in a accident, front fender is dented, and rear quarter hit also, not bad dammage on either side, also needs an cat-back exhaust. its been off the road for 2 years, and i start and drive it regurarly. All the turbo really needs is body work and a tune up, all glass and lights are fine. the 6cyl needs a new windsheild, and a small hole in the exhaust system patched. it has a problem with the power steering also.
      I really care about these rare volvos and have owned five of this model, just sold my 1990 red turbo, and am keeping my daily driver- 1990 blue and tan with 17 inch 5 spoke wheels and a parts car for it, i really like the coachwork- (both cars have dark walnut burl and blue-black leather) and the fact that they are coupes.

      these cars are offerd at $800.00 each, and shouldent be considerd "parts cars" but would be ideal in that roll.

      I would be happy to answere any questions at: [email protected]

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      I've been looking for a 780 turbo to get as a project car (been a fan of them for years), but sadly there are none for sale around here (very, very few 780's in the first place, much less turbos). I'm in southern Ontario, which is quite a drive, otherwise I'd be more than happy to take the turbo 780 off your hands.

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