XC60 T8 beating XC90 T8 Plug-In Sales in US - need to catch up to Tesla
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      XC60 T8 beating XC90 T8 Plug-In Sales in US - need to catch up to Tesla

      The US Plugin Sales Scorecard shows the XC60 already beating out the XC90: https://insideevs.com/monthly-plug-in-sales-scorecard/

      XC60: 185
      XC90: 115

      However, Tesla's numbers are below:

      Tesla Model 3: 17,800 (17,800 in one month!!! Just in the US. Are you F***ing kidding me?)
      Tesla Model X: 2,750
      Tesla Model S: 2,625

      Volvo better get their butts in gear.

      (PS I love Volvo but do want an all electric XC40)
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      I think those are estimated numbers for Tesla. At "Left Lane News", they're estimating 7,900 total sales for Tesla in August in the US. Go Figure.


      And Volvo's sales are up 32.9% year-to-date in the US. I wouldn't exactly call that sitting around on your butte. And all-electric will come soon enough for Volvo. I'm waiting. I would rather deal with a profitable established car company than deal with one not profitable, and, well, not so established.
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      "Predictions are really hard, especially about the future." -- Yogi Berra

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      Seems to me EV V40 will come first from Volvo. XC40 EV is quite possible too.
      However Volvo is still kind of slow pace though the CMA platform is ready for EV. They are now behind I-pace, MB EQC, and maybe Porshe MissionE too.

      My vision for EV in my family is maybe I'll get one for city driving, with 60 to 100 miles range daily. For any longer trip I'll drive an ICE or hybrid or PHEV. But the charging capability is quite low in my house, so EV is probably not likely for me.
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