Couple of Quick practicalities...
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      Couple of Quick practicalities...

      Hey Everyone,

      As we get set to embark on our epic adventure, I had a couple of random questions that I am wondering if any of you can opine on, especially those of you who are there now or just left:

      • Navigating out of Gothenberg, I have seen several posts about the Sensus Nav issues with Gothenberg construction. Given the tight timing of our getaway day I would like to avoid a lot of unnecessary trial and error, etc. Anyone have a reliable back up plan that got them on the road toward Oslo quickly and efficiently? Google maps on Iphone?
      • I know we are entering the rainy season in Norway, and while it doesn't appear that ice or snow are an issue in the high passes as yet, we are still two weeks away from driving through there. A couple of the national scenic roads I have earmarked are on our itinerary as weather dependent, as in go if I think the driving will be pleasant and it will be clear enough to see what we are there for. Have any of you discovered a good source to check weather conditions on specific roadways the day before? Bonus if in English!

      Thanks for any help provided!


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      Hi Scott! I can speak to our experience with the first bullet, the navigation system. I read about the same issues you mention with the Sensus nav system.

      We were there in late June/early July. We didn't have any real problems with the navigation system really. It wasn't perfect. Smaller streets seems a little wonky here and there, but generally speaking, it was ok, and we always got there. And my sense of direction is questionable at best.

      We stayed in the Gothenburg area for a few days, then ventured out, along the coast into Fjällbacka, approaching but not into Norway. All using the built in navigation. Best of luck to you!

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      Regarding navigating out of GOT, I suggest taking some time to study google maps before you drive, to familiarize yourself with the normal route and an alternative. If in doubt, ask at the hotel or FDC. They are really good at providing road info.

      For weather in Norway (or anywhere else for that matter), nothing seems to beat
      And yes, it is in English.
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      Clarion post staff is your friend. When in doubt, drive toward the lipstick building.
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      Volvo has imho best nav I’ve ever used. Scaling was good. Directions pretty solid. I drove to Denmark and didn’t get lost at all. I had waze ok but ended turning it off because Volvo poi searches were better there.
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      The only issue we had during our July OSD with the navigation was go8ng from the FDC to the Volvo museum.

      We stayed out of big cities for the most part and travelled around the southern part of Sweden.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Ventura CA View Post
      Clarion post staff is your friend. When in doubt, drive toward the lipstick building.
      We got a bit lost returning to Gothenburg from the south one day, but headed for the lipstick building and that helped.
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