Climate control bulbs
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      Climate control bulbs

      I have two out, one with a grey base and one with a white base. I used Skurvy_Pirates thread and the white is Neo Wedge T4, but I don’t know what the grey is( there is an S in a circle and either a 6 or 9 on the bottom).

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      Thanks for the heads up about Neo Wedge. I googled "Neo Wedge Bulbs" and got the motherlode. Here's a good link: Neo Wedge
      Could be a good bulb decoding method.
      Anytime I go to a pick your part place, I seem to end up with some of the bulbs in either black, white, or gray bases. That's how I fixed my ignition key antenna ring light that was throwing a VIDA code for being burned out.
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      Good information and good link. I forgot who I used for other vehicles, but it wasn't as organized as the one in the link.
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      another very good source for Volvo Bulbs and cross-reference.

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