General Commands
"Repeat" - repeats the most recent voice command in the current dialog.
"Cancel" - cancels the dialog.
"Help" - initiates a help dialog. The system responds with commands that can be used in the current situation, an instruction or an example.

“Phone numbers and zip codes” - should be given by stating each number individually, e.g. zero three one two two four four three (03122443).•
“Addresses” - can be given by stating each number individually or in a group, e.g. two two or twenty-two (22). For English and Dutch language settings, groups of numbers can also be said in sequence, e.g. twenty-two twenty-two (22 22). For English, double or triple digits can also be used, e.g. double zero (00). Numbers in the range 0-2300 can be used.
“Frequencies” - can be given as ninety-eight point eight (98.8), one hundred four point two, or hundred four point two (104.2)

Voice Control for Cellular Phones
"Call [contact]" - call the selected contact from the phone book.
"Call [phone number]" - call a phone number.
"Recent calls" - display the list of recent calls.
"Read message" - read a text message aloud. If there are several messages, select the message to read aloud.
"Message to [contact]" - the user is prompted to dictate a short message. The message will then be read aloud and the user can choose to send or re-dictate the message. The vehicle must be connected to the Internet to access this function.

Voice Control for Radio and Media
"Media" - initiates a dialog for media and radio and displays examples of commands.
"Play [artist]" - plays music by the selected artist.
"Play [song title]" - plays the selected song.
"Play [song title] from [album]" – plays the selected song from the selected album.
"Play [radio station]" - starts the selected radio station.
"Tune to [frequency]" - tunes to the selected radio frequency in the currently active waveband. If no radio source is active, the FM band will be started as default.
"Tune to [frequency] [waveband]" – tunes to the selected radio frequency on the selected waveband.
"Radio" - starts FM radio.
"Radio FM" - starts FM radio.
"Radio AM" - starts AM radio.
"SiriusXM" - starts SiriusXM radio
"CD" - starts playback from CD.
"USB" - starts playback from USB.
"iPod" - starts playback from iPod.
"Bluetooth" - starts playback from a Blue-tooth-connected media source.
"Similar music" - plays music from a USB-connected device with music similar to that currently playing.

Climate Control System Voice Commands
"Climate" - starts a command dialog for climate controls and provides examples of commands that can be used.
"Set temperature to X degrees" – sets desired temperature.
"Raise temperature"/"Lower temperature" - raises/lowers the set temperature.
"Sync temperature" - synchronizes the temperature for all climate zones in the vehicle with the temperature set for the driver's side.
"Air on feet"/"Air on body" - opens the desired air vent.
"Air on feet off"/"Air on body off" – closes the desired air vent.
"Set fan to max"/"Turn off fan" – changes blower speed to Max/Off.
"Raise fan speed"/"Lower fan speed" -raises/lowers the set blower speed.
"Turn on auto" - activates automatic climate control.
"Air condition on"/"Air condition off" - activates/deactivates air conditioning.
"Recirculation on"/"Recirculation off" - activates/deactivates air recirculation.
"Turn on defroster "/"Turn off defroster" - activates/deactivates window and door mirror defrosting.
"Turn on max defroster"/"Turn off max defroster" - activates/deactivates max defroster.
"Turn on electric defroster"/"Turn off electric defroster" - activates/deactivates heated windshield.
"Turn on rear defroster"/"Turn off rear defroster" - Activates/deactivates heated rear window and door mirrors.
"Turn steering wheel heat on"/"Turn steering wheel heat off" - activates/deactivates heated steering wheel.
"Raise steering wheel heat"/"Lower steering wheel heat" - raises/lowers the level of steering wheel heating.
"Turn on seat heat"/"Turn off seat heat"- activates/deactivates seat heating.
"Raise seat heat"/"Lower seat heat" - raises/lowers the level of seat heating.
"Turn on seat ventilation"/"Turn off seat ventilation" - activates/deactivates seat ventilation.
"Raise seat ventilation"/"Lower seat ventilation" - raises/lowers the level of seat ventilation

Navigation Voice Commands
"Navigation" - Starts a navigation dialog and displays examples of commands.
"Take me home" - Guidance is provided to the location set as Home.
"Go to[city]" - Inputs a city as a destination, e.g. "Go to San Francisco".
"Go to[address]" - Inputs an address as a destination. An address must contain city and street. e.g. "Go to Filbert Street 5, San Francisco".
"Add intersection" - Starts a dialog to input two streets. The destination will then be the intersection of these two streets.
"Go to[zip code]" - Input a zip code as the destination. e.g. "Go to 1 2 3 4 5".
"Go to[contact]" - Input an address from the phone book as the destination. Example "Go to Robyn Smith".
"Search[POI category]" - Search Points of Interest (POI) in a certain category (e.g. restaurants). To sort the list along the route, say "Along the route" when the list of results is displayed.
"Search[POI category] in [city]" - Searches for POIs in a certain category and city. The list of results is sorted based on the center point of the city. Example "Look for restaurant in San Francisco".
"Search[POI name]". For example, "Search Golden Gate Bridge".
"Change country/Change state" - Changes the search area for navigation.
"Show favorites" - Displays locations marked as favorites in the instrument panel.
"Clear itinerary" - Deletes all stored waypoints and destinations in an itinerary.
"Repeat voice guidance" - Repeats the most recent guidance instruction.
"Turn off voice guidance" - Guidance off.
"Turn on voice guidance" - Guidance on.