Check your vehicle on pickup
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      Check your vehicle on pickup

      When I picked up my XC40 T5 at the FDC, I ordered (and paid for) the Polestar upgrade. I was told by Beau that it would only be a 60 minute install and would be done prior to shipping the vehicle. The good news is that I have my vehicle. The bad news is that I do not have the Polestar upgrade. I contacted my dealer and they were able to confirm (thorugh Volvo) that my car does not have the software. Apparently there must be a miscommunication somewhere along the line as my dealer contact said they were not doing the upgrades at the FDC.

      One way or the other, I have an appointment set for December 4th where the software will be installed. I'll get a loaner to use while they're doing it.

      I've read other folks' postings about having the upgrade done during lunch. I can't explain why mine wasn't done, but here we are.

      If you get anything done at the FDC save your receipt! And then double check that it was actually done.
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      There may be some considerations about different software versions being available for different markets. I remember browsing the Volvo site to see if my vehicle was eligible, and it was in certain countries and but not in others.

      At the time I was at the FDC, the polestar optimization wasn’t yet available for US, so had to wait until delivery to have the upgrade done.

      Was a bummer because due to the exchange rates it would’ve been way cheaper at the FDC.

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      I emailed the FDC in advance and asked them to install polestar prior to my pickup to avoid any sort of last minute rush. Offered to pay when ordered if needed but they said it was fine to pay on delivery, so know that it is an option to have done prior to arrival without adding to your official sales order in advance and paying any sales tax associated with that. It was installed as promised, so I got to enjoy it on our drive through Norway.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Markdotnet View Post
      If you get anything done at the FDC save your receipt! And then double check that it was actually done.
      This is one of the BEST pieces of advice for OSD.

      In my case, I paid for the weather mats and they told me they were going to put them in the car before shipping.
      When the car arrived here, the mats were nowhere to be found.

      Thankfully, I had carefully saved the receipt. The dealer made a copy, sent to Volvo, and a few days later, I had my mats.
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      Had the same thing happen with floor mats, except we bought a second set that they never put in the car at the FDC. The dealership gave us a set after we provided the FDC receipts. We kept getting a bill every few weeks in the mail for a couple of months but that sorted itself out after talking to the OSD salesperson at the dealership again.

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