Volvo 240 Starting problem
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      Volvo 240 Starting problem

      Hi guys I have my 240 DL for over a year now and love it.
      Ive taken the thing camping, a little off road, but usually its my daily driver.
      But the thing has left me stranded a few times recently.
      Sometimes the fuel pump wont turn on.
      When it does turn on it runs great goes over bumps fine so not a loose wire.
      The relay clicks on as it should and im thinking its the computer that is going bad.
      Now it will start and run once if I turn it off it wont start until the next day, weather doesn't seem to effect this.
      Anyone else have this problem?

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      The usual suspects

      Been down this road a little with my 1990 wagon. The most obvious place to start is the notorious 25A fuse near the battery. The fuse holder tends to corrode and overheat. If memory serves, the relay can still click on and off (which would indicate your fuel computer is doing its job there), but it will never pass any real current since the 25A fuse us the only supply for it.

      My solution to the problem was to completely replace that fuse holder with a more "weaterproof" version, also applying a liberal amount of silicone dielectric grease to the contacts. Keep the corrosion at bay, keep resistance low!

      Start there and report back. There are still a couple of fuses in the interior block to check, but those have been less problematic in my experience.

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      Yup. The 240 is notorious for blowing fuses.
      As a rule, if anything stops working, check the fuse first.

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