When I was shopping for an XC90 I really wanted the Excellence model but the biggest factor (close 2nd to price) was the fact that with the partition divider it completed eliminated the possibility to ever be able to transport anything larger than the rear cargo area.
In my mind this defeated one of my main purposes of purchasing an SUV - transporting luggage and assorted things and not always having to worry “will it fit.”

What I’m curious to do is to find the part numbers and prices for the rear seats and rear middle console and be able to essentially retrofit them into the rear seat of my Inscription model. This whole idea might end up being completely crazy, cost a ton of money, remove the ability to completely use the 3rd row seats, and even after all that still be face will complexities of VIDA coding, etc.

Looking for feedback from anyone who might have a parts list for what would be required to do this... or even others who share the same interest.

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