First Volvo
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    Thread: First Volvo

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      First Volvo

      Well the wife and I finally took the plunge and traded in the C-Class and my Camaro SS convertible for a V90 CC. So far I'm insanely impressed and super excited. Someone told me heaven is owning a Swedish Staton Wagon and it's probably fairly accurate. Can't wait to take it on the 2300ish mile road trip to Seattle this summer.

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      Junior Member Dan-'s Avatar
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      Welcome to the Borg. You have been assimilated
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      Quote Originally Posted by Dan- View Post
      Welcome to the Borg. You have been assimilated
      When I bought my OR, a friend whose husband owns a S90 and who herself owns a XC60 said: Buying a Volvo is joining a cult.

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      Welcome to the group!

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      Welcome to the Forum! Congratulations on your first Volvo. I see two holes drilled on to the front bumper. Do you live in a state where you need the front plates? If not, either use plugs or do what I've done. Put up a Swedish flag plate up front!
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      It looks like it has one big goofy grin across its face. It must be just as happy for you to own it!
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      Junior Member bogdan_p's Avatar
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      You're right, there is something special about owning a Volvo.. station wagon in particular.

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      Congratulations from Seattle, and welcome to the funny farm!

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      First purchase was a pair of bars for the roof and second was bumper plugs. I live in TX currently but like to live dangerously without a front plate lol.

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      Congrats and welcome!
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      Congrats on the car. If you want to use the front plate without mounting it to the bumper, you can always go with some like this

      I had planned on doing this before I found out my dealer had already mounted the bracket for mine.
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      Congrats and welcome! The V90 CC is the perfect road-tripper. I could drive it all day without a complaint. My wife drives it for business up and down the Northeast, and loves it.
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      Nothing like seeing a New Car finding a Happy Home. All she's missing is a bow on top and a puppy to make the awe factor go off the charts.

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