1995 850 Turbo 5spd MT, black/850R interior, tan - Seattle
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      LFX-swapped Miata build is progressing quickly, and I need more funds. $3200. Promise me you'll ditch the horrendous S60 wheels and I'll knock off another $100.

      Best way to reach me is via email at [email protected]
      Located in Kirkland, Washington
      Volvo 850 Turbo
      Manual transmission
      8/10 interior, 7/10 exterior

      Well, I planned on entering the Volvo world with a V70R about a year ago. Instead, I found this. A well-maintained, tastefully-modified 850 Turbo with an 850R interior. Love at first sight. Somewhere along the way I ended up with another 850, a manual V70 T5, and a V70R. Unfortunately due to the need for additional work vehicles, I no longer have the space for this many cars (there's also a rallyx Miata that was doing DD duties before the Volvo's entered my life). I didn't realize how addicting these turbo boxes would be...

      So! the 850 is for sale. and probably the V70 too.

      This is a 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon with M56H 5 speed manual and a stage 2 IPD manual tune. I've had it for about 7 months now, and have loved every second. The exhaust is a bit loud for my tastes on the highway, but god it sounds wonderful around town, or when you lay into the throttle. There are all the squeaks and rattles you would expect from an 850 wagon, and between that and the exhaust, if I was keeping it I'd definitely pull the carpets and throw down sound-deadening. Car runs great and drives well. I would have zero issues driving it cross-country tomorrow if the need arose. The car is sitting on some newer s60 wheels with Michelin tires. This one is almost fully optioned, and my long-term plan was to hunt down all of the rare Euro-only options like rear seat heaters and retractable sunshades to install. Seats are in great condition, with a very small area just beginning to fray on the drivers seat. Clear Washington title in my name. I have always used premium gas and synthetic oil with regular 3-4k changes. The car has 258k miles but myself and the last two owners have done a very significant amount of preventative maintenance. Included in the sale will be a LARGE box of extra parts. some new OEM, some from junkyards, some IPD, etc.

      two owners ago:

      Valve seals
      PCV system
      Timing belt water pump and tensioners
      All main seals were done 4 years ago (cams and crank)
      Updated dipstick and tube
      Clutch slave and master cylinder
      Lower mileage (around 110k) M56H transmission
      OEM R clutch (3 years old but only 15k miles)
      Manual throttle cable
      Rebuilt 16t angle flange turbo with IPD CBV (3 years ago)
      R exhaust manifold
      OBX turbo back exhaust
      IPD spark plug wires
      Distributor cap and rotor
      Volvo OE spark plugs
      Snabb Intake pipe
      Snabb Poly intake spacer
      IPD Short ram intake
      BOSCH fuel pump
      Silicone intercooler lines
      Silicone radiator hose and turbo coolant hose
      IPD sway bars front and rear with HD endlinks
      Koni red shocks with eibach springs (1.5" lowered)
      1997 R Leather/Suede Interior
      AutoMeter Piller mounted boost gauge
      Pioneer Double din dvd/mp3 stereo with upgraded speakers and sub
      OEM volvo heater core hoses
      OEM volvo control arms
      IPD subframe inserts
      EBC slotted rotors and Stoptech pads in front and volvo pads in rear
      OEM oil cooler lines
      Radiator and thermostat
      Radiator fan
      Wind Deflector for sunroof
      V70 Door Handles
      New windshield about 3 years ago
      850 R door Sills
      Two sets of floor mats. embroidered "850" mats and tan rubber winter OE mats
      Berber rear cargo bay mat also included
      OEM Fogs installed

      Previous owner:

      Newly upholstered headliner
      New steering rack
      Passenger side axle
      Thermostat & water temp sensor
      Upgrade intake hose clamps
      IPD mesh grill
      Wheels & tires (used) balanced and aligned when I put them on

      Since I've owned it (i've got receipts for the work, performed at Larry's Volvo in Seattle):

      Replaced the entire PCV system
      timing belt, water pump, cam seals
      brake job
      spark plugs, wires
      New rheostat switch
      Automatic transmission driving mode switch (I don't like button blanks, figured i could wire something up to the switch eventually)

      Cons :
      The paint isn't the greatest. The clear coat is peeling a bit on the passenger side.
      There is a medium-sized dent in the driver's door, and a very small dent on the roof, driver's side. These should both be easily fixable with PDR.
      The hood latch pull located behind the grill is broken, and at the moment I've got a piece of string tied to the outside that you have to pull on to open the hood after releasing it with the interior hood latch. Guessing this is a common issue, as all of the hood latches have been missing from the local junkyard cars.
      The abs & traction control lights come on/off every once and a while. Is this the easy soldering fix I've heard so much about? It didn't bother me much as the brakes are great, and even at the best of times the 850 wasn't exactly renowned for it's stellar TC system.
      A gear in the odometer was broken for a number of years so it reads lower than actual miles. You can get the true mileage from the ECU using the obd1 which is 258k. I fixed the gear so the odometer and tripometer are counting again.

      If you're interested in a green-blue metallic V70 T5 manual transmission with service records dating back to the initial purchase, that one is also for sale. I'll get a separate ad up when i get the chance.

      More pictures can be found at the imgur link below. Let me know if you want more.


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      Price drop. Now $3200

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      Glad to see my old wagon hanging around. GLWS
      2004 C70 T5 AT vert 77k Black Sapphire
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      Quote Originally Posted by 91shelby View Post
      Glad to see my old wagon hanging around. GLWS <img src="http://www.vwvortex.com/Anthony/Smilies/smile.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" />
      It's treated me well, and really solidified my love for the brand. I wish I had the garage space to hold onto it and sort out all of the little issues!

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      Oh gosh I wish I could pick this up! This looks fantastic. Best of luck
      2017 V60 Polestar - Onyx Black Metallic

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      Quote Originally Posted by abram View Post
      Oh gosh I wish I could pick this up! This looks fantastic. Best of luck
      I'd happily make a deal for anyone who wanted to fly up and drive down. I've done it with two of these now and it's some of the most fun I've had &#x1f60a;

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      Quote Originally Posted by AestheticsInMotion View Post
      I'd happily make a deal for anyone who wanted to fly up and drive down. I've done it with two of these now and it's some of the most fun I've had 😊
      I did the reverse with one of mine, flying down to San Jose to pick it up and drove it back with a friend - it's a lot of fun, agreed!
      My current daily (got tired of fixing a Volvo every other week): 2007 Acura TL Type S automatic, 66K original miles

      Weekend fun car: 1998 S70 T5, now with M56H! https://forums.swedespeed.com/showth...-3-000-dollars

      Brother's Volvos:
      His - 1998 V70 T5M
      Hers - 1998 S70 GLT
      Kid 1 - 1998 S90
      Kid 2 - 1998 S70 T5 SE

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      Sale pending

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      Sold! 1500 mile drive to get to it's new home &#x1f601;

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      Quote Originally Posted by AestheticsInMotion View Post
      Sold! 1500 mile drive to get to it's new home &#x1f601;
      She made it just fine.

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