Asking this for my brother in the Netherlands. He's lacking the technical and English language skills to pose this question:

He has a 2001 Mitsubishi Space Star, 1.8 liter.
It has a Mikuni intake manifold (their pn is 60.003) that's common to some Volvo's of that vintage. It is a 'drive by wire' manifold.

That part is extremely difficult to find and - once he finds it - ridiculously expensive, considering his car is a 2001: The part could cost as much as that car is worth.
He does not have a bunch of money and would like to just get the car on the road for as little as possible until he can afford a replacement vehicle. Whatever he would have spent on a new intake manifold could go towards that effort.
The car passed NL safety inspections just days earlier so it would be a shame to have to junk that car now.

I have not physically seen the part other than on pictures but the magnet* attached to the actuator arm to the air flap has shattered.

Are there rebuild kits available for that assembly?
Or would anyone here have a similar part in his/her possession you're willing to part with?
I'm in the US. He's in Holland. Payment and shipping can obviously easily be arranged.

I'd appreciate any leads/tips regarding this part. Thanks!

*(his description. I suspect it is part of that motor/actuator)