Stock wheels from 2007 S40 for 2016 S60 Premier
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      Stock wheels from 2007 S40 for 2016 S60 Premier

      Hi all,

      New to the forum. The wife and I traded her 2007 S40 and purchased a 2016 S60 Premier. I am a firm believer in snow tires and had a extra set of wheels set up for winter and summer. They are stock Volvo wheels. My question is can I use the stock 16" wheels on the newer 2016 S 60 for a snow tire wheel? I researched this on Tire Rack and they do call for a 16" with a larger tire instead of using a stock 17" for snow. The bolt patterns are the same but not sure about the back spacing and clearance to the brakes. I tried finding info online but can't find anything.


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      I’m not 100% sure but if it’s AWD 16” might not be acceptable.

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      You can check here for specs on the wheels for the S40 and S60: for the 2007 S40 for the 2011 S60
      Then use the details to calculate differences with original tire here:

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