Head Gasket and T-Belt replaced, crank-no start
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      Head Gasket and T-Belt replaced, crank-no start

      Hello everyone,
      I have posted many things and have received great information, so here is my issue......
      I have a 2005 S40 T5, that ran hot due to stuck T-stat. After shutting it down and have it towed back home, I replaced the thermostat and refilled with coolant and hoped for the best, well we know what happen...White smoke out both tailpipes. So I tore the top of engine down, replaced all gaskets, valve seals,water pump, timing belt etc..... rotated engine to #1 piston TDC checked crank marking, it is pointed to the correct mark. Installed head and position cam's with mark aligned. reinstalled cover and timing belt making sure marks stayed aligned. After checking that marks are still aligned, rotated engine by HAND 3X's, ( Engine rotates very easily, a little to easy) and re checked marks.( There was NO biding at anytime) Marks were 3 teeth off, readjust and rotated engine again by hand, this time marks stayed aligned, no biding ever. Reassembled all components and attempted to start. Cranks but no start, getting fuel and spark. Check compression..... every cylinder was under 40psi.... So here we are,,, advice is needed. I guess I should have taken the head to the machine shop the first time. Before I pull the head again, should I leave the cams at their marks and loosen belt, and rotate crank 180 degrees then put belt back on, and try to rotate the engine and see if there is compression? Requesting any help... side note, the engine ran great before the overheat...


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      I pulled the #1 plug and used my "Borescope" to take a look at valves and piston as I rotated the crank. Vales open and close as designed. I did notice that the intake valves stay open a bit longer as the piston is in the compression stroke. I thought it might be because of the Turbo, to allow maximum air and fuel mixture in to the cylinder. I am lost for the cause of cranks but no start

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      I hear ya, I am in the same boat. I wish I could answer your specific questions, but I had the exact same thing happes, and suspected I had bent valves, but then took the head off again, and it was fine, but no compression. I initially noticed there was no compression while turning the engine over by hand, met no resistance on any compression stroke.

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      Head Gasket and T-Belt replaced, crank-no start

      OP, I’m not answering your questions directly, but ask the mods to move your thread to the S40 & V50 (2005-2012) forum. You aren’t going to get much traction here, but Tech, tmtalpey, pczeilon, mynameideasweretaken, and others with a vast amount of knowledge of the T5 in P1s should chime in there.

      I told edgonight in a PM that I’m having my Indy swap T5s in my ‘06 S40 right now. If you happen to be in the mid-Atlantic area, shoot me a PM.


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