Need advice on choosing a car
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      Need advice on choosing a car

      I have been trying to buy a xc90 but the financing falls through. I'm wondering if I should start looking for a new car instead and give up on the xc90. I love the xc90 but I'm getting impatient and ready to buy a car. I had a older BMW back in the day and it was one hell of a ride back then and now it is up for sale. I'm wondering whether I should try to buy this car. I know there are a lot of cars on the market but I'm picky about what I drive. There is know reason to test drive something if you don't like it or willling to drive it long term so with this in mind what should I do? Any input would be helpful

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      Hello 123 xc90. It was one month ago today that you posted.

      So, I see your post, and you would like advice on buying a car. Seems your heart is between an XC90 and an older BMW.

      Assuming you are still in the market for a car... Follow your heart, and buy the one you can get "without financing." Nobody needs an extra bill at the end of the month. If you see one that speaks to you, there is just something about it that you like, look into it. I hope you make the best selection! (And I also have owned an older BMW. Of course, that model is now climbing in value, too.)

      Follow your heart, and make sure the car doesn't have any MAJOR problems, unless you fully intend on fixing that yourself and don't mind a little Sweat Initiative in what you own.

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