Coolant leak
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    Thread: Coolant leak

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      Coolant leak

      Hey all,

      I am near the end of my "free 2003 S60 2.4t" project that came to me with the motor occupying the passenger seat, back seat and trunk...

      I am buttoning up the details and adding fluids. After adding coolant to the expansion tank I have a steady drip from where the metal coolant pipe enters the back of the block at the water pump. Anyone ever use some sealant to fix a leak at this union?

      More background. The PO that disassembled the motor left the metal coolant pipe in the car, I realize now that I should have pulled it and installed it on the motor before the exhaust manifold and before dropping the motor in the car. It was TOUGH to get it in. I did replace the o-ring at the pipe inlet and I did clean up the pipe before working it into place. At this point i would hate to take it all apart, but I might need to. If a sealant could work, it might be easier to pull the water pump and apply it there, I am not sure that I could get a good look at the o-ring from that side. I do have another motor and a T5 (motor disassembled...) that I can use for parts or reference.

      Some useless details... I was able to crank the car, sounds just fine, but no fire. I blew out the fuel line back to the filter and replaced the filter but I don't even know how much fuel is in the tank... because the gauge cluster is out... Right now I plan to get it running before diving back into the coolant leak, that way I other issues can be determined and a strategy for getting them all sorted out.

      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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      Here is your problem...

      Sometimes not getting an answer to a post is just like getting an answer to a post... and usually it means you just need to tear it apart.

      Turbo and associated plumbing back out, metal water pipe pulled, exhaust manifold off... and the leak source was obvious, the o-ring was cut, probably the result of trying to wrestle around it around the exhaust manifold on the first install.

      I pulled the water pipe out of the car, cleaned it a bit better than before, and re-installed. Still need to leak test but went back together more smoothly with the exhaust manifold off.

      Lesson learned, if the motor is out, install the metal coolant pipe on the block, then the exhaust manifold before setting the motor back in the car.

      Just two more obvious hurdles to getting it running, fuel pump is dead, new one on the way, and then getting the gauge cluster fixed...

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      Glad you got back in there and it was a straightforward correction.

      B fore firing it up, I’m not sure it’s going to start without the DIM attached. I’d doublecheck before pulling your hair out on a motor that turns but doesn’t fire without the DIM connected. They are paired to the ECM if I remember correctly.

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      While I would love to say I’d take a free car with the motor... Uh, in the passenger compartment... I think I’d have to decline. You’re a better man than me. Impressed and watching. Post some pics of it or it’s a Camry.
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      Pull the coolant tree (I know I know) and refit it with a new o ring in the block and the water pump off to allow visual verification of fit.
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