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      Quote Originally Posted by Racer_S View Post
      in my case its quite the opposite, before I had to change a headlight bulb very often... the LEDs been going strong almost a year now and i recently converted my 03 XC70 because of this

      only downside i have to occasionally verify my blinkers and headlights are working because the car wont tell me anymore
      Same. Halogens in burnt out every few months. LEDs in for almost a year, cheap ones from Chinese eBay, bright and no issues or melting since November

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      Absolutely! And drilling a hole in a shunt takes about 10 seconds and is free... and mine has held out for over a year no issues.
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      The best part of the hole technique is, when a light does go out, it will tell you like it should
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      Hopefully someone can help me here. I hit a deer with my 2004 XC70 with factory bi-xenon headlights and I destroyed one of the headlights. The light output always sucked anyways, so I bought a set of halogen headlights with the intention of putting LED H7's in it. For now, I have the factory halogen bulbs in the headlights. I left the auto-levelers plugged in and dangling behind the halogen headlights. I get a warning message that says headlight system failure. I guess that message is because the halogens are drawing more power than the bi-xenons did. If I put LED's in now, will the load be similar to the HID's that were in there and make the system all happy again?

      If not, can I just order up a new Volvo shunt (9442190) and put it in my CEM? Then, when I do upgrade to LED, drill a hole in that shunt and everything will be happy still?

      By the way, the factory halogens vs the factory bi-xenon headlights...yeah, the halogens are WAY better for seeing at night, especially the high beams. Worst case, I'm going to stick with the halogen housings and put LED's in the lows and just live with the error message. I can't believe I drove around all these years with such crappy lighting from the factory bi-xenons.
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