2006 S80 Air Conditioning Questions...
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      2006 S80 Air Conditioning Questions...

      Greetings all,

      I've got this 5 cyl, turbo s80 and the air conditioning has begun to "act up" on me. Sometimes it cools, other times it blows warm air. I took it in to be recharged and the mechanic said I was a little low and it showed no leaks. My neighbor, who owned a auto shop for 30 years, seems to think it could be the pressure switch or the expansion valve. I've been looking all over the engine compartment and haven't been able to locate either. Any help identifying where these components might be and how to replace them would be greatly appreciated. TIA folks.
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      One thing I have noticed is that the compressor "kicks in" when first starting up, but after a minute or so it begins to start/stop every several seconds.

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      Well, it looks as if the shop overcharged the system. I vented some of the freon and it works like a charm.

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      I guess I was premature. It's still cycling off and on. Damn...

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      The clutch slipping may be the problem. Google it for simple repair with bread clips.

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      I had a similar problem a couple of years ago with my compressor under high heat. There is a magnetic component as part of the clutch that weakens under heat - unfortaunly, there are many failure machanisms for this problem.
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      Sounds like an a/c clutch issue. The clutch shims could possible he wearing and need to be replaced. Not a terrible job but almost just as easy and less work to change the compressor.
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      Does the clutch still kick in at all after the engine and stuff is hot? Lets say after 20mins driving? If it does the magnetic clutch sounds ok to me.

      I'm in no way an AC expert but having just done some work on mine I can share some of what I have gathered.

      The clutch should cut in and out depending on how cold the evaporator gets(the tingy under the dash where the air going in to the car is cooled).
      There is a small temperature sensor located up under the drivers footwell, above the gas pedal kinda right behind the AC controls. It's a white thingy with a wire connector on it, stuck in to the heater/coolerbox behind the center dash.
      I my case this sensor was bad letting the computer know the evaporator was very warm all the time. Sensor can be tested with a multimeter set to ohms. My bad sensor was arount 500-600 ohm regardles of temperature. New sensor was fluctuating between 2500 and 3500ohms just by me breathing on it.
      The bad temp sensor caused my AC compressor to run all the time and building up ice on the larger of the two ac pipes going in to the fire wall. I assume it build up ice on the evaporator as well which is kinda bad . My AC now after the replacement of the temp sensor cuts in and out every 30-60 seconds depending on ambient temperature. I guess when the summer hits here it will stay on for longer etc. Please let me know if you need picture and so on. But testing this temp sensor is free.

      Expansion valve should be located behind the plate covering the large and small ac pipework in the middle of the firewall behind the engine. Atleast I think so, might check next time I am at the junkyard .

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