Electric Volvo XC40 to Debut This Year
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      Electric Volvo XC40 to Debut This Year

      A fully electric Volvo XC40 crossover will debut before the end of the year, the Swedish automaker has confirmed. Speaking to Automotive News Europe at a recent event in Gothenberg, Volvo said the electric XC40 will play a critical role in helping it achieve its goal of having EVs account for at least half of […] More...
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      A fully electric Volvo XC40 crossover will debut before the end of the year, the Swedish automaker has confirmed.
      Speaking to Automotive News Europe at a recent event in Gothenberg, Volvo said the electric XC40 will play a critical role in helping it achieve its goal of having EVs account for at least half of its global sales by 2025. The automaker is hoping to have the car on sale by mid-2020.
      According to data obtained by ANE, the XC40 is currently Volvo’s second best-selling model behind the XC60.
      The electric Volvo XC40 will arrive after the two T4 and T5 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid versions that are expected to arrive shortly.

      The electric XC40 won’t be the only mass market EV from Volvo when it arrives, with the fully electric Polestar 2 sedan also expected to go on sale sometime between now and 2020. Volvo owner Geely reinvented Volvo’s Polestar performance brand as a dedicated electric vehicle maker last year.
      Volvo has not provided any details on the XC40’s EV powertrain, although the Polestar 2’s powertrain may provide some insight. The sedan, expected to start at around $45,000, has a 78 kWh battery pack and an estimated driving range of around 275 miles. It produces 400 hp from its two electric motors, which enable all-wheel drive, and will accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds. The XC40 probably won’t be as spritely, but we’d be shocked if the battery pack wasn’t a similar size.
      We’ll have all the deets on the fully electric Volvo XC40 as soon as they become available.
      The post Electric Volvo XC40 to Debut This Year appeared first on Swedespeed.


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      It's interesting to me that Volvo is going for its smallest platform for its first EV. It will be interesting to see if the ground clearance is different between the ICEV and the PHEV and the BEV versions of the XC40, and also how the interiors will differ. The Polestar 2 is going to have the new Google OS for a computer/infotainment screen, and its instrument-panel screen will be very different from Volvo's also; will the XC40 EV follow Polestar 2 in this way?

      Since these are such new vehicles, it will also be interesting to see what kinds of problems might crop up in the first-year models, and how many people will be bold enough to spend the big bucks on such a first-year vehicle, rather than "wait and see". Of course, Volvo will probably have the US $7500 federal tax credit for their cars for the next decade, as they are unlikely to sell 200k+ plug-in cars for a large number of years to come, so that may attract a lot of urban buyers.

      I'm glad that Volvo/Polestar is doing this, but I think that the public masses still aren't ready big-time for all-electric vehicles. These will work best for owners who can plug in every night in their garages and generally stay within 100 miles of home almost all the time with these EVs. While there are EV drivers who attempt longer-distance drives away from home, there are lots of issues with public charging stations that will prevent the masses from doing so (until charging stations become as common/plentiful as gas-filling stations are now, and until charging times get closer to gas-filling times). I personally think that PHEVs will come to out-number BEV sales for a decade or two before BEV sales outnumber ICEV sales. I'd like to see Volvo (and Polestar) improve vastly on their PHEV models.

      I notice this news release from Tesla today:
      "Model S Long Range will have an industry leading 370-mile range per single charge, while Model X will boast a 325-mile range per charge. Tesla notes that the range increase is due in large part to a new drive unit design that leverages an optimized permanent magnet motor, improved cooling, bearings, and new gear design to achieve greater than 93% efficiency. The end result is improved range from the same battery cells that are currently being used in the Model S and Model X 100 kWh pack.
      By improving drivetrain efficiency, Tesla has been able to effectively increase range by more than 10%. By improving the flow of energy out of the battery and back in through regenerative braking, Tesla was also able to further improve acceleration in the Model S and Model X."
      Volvo/Polestar and all the other companies creating EVs are going to be behind Tesla technologically for a long time to come, it seems.
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      Just read where Volvo officially announced that the new XC40 will be Android-based Infotainment.

      That may be welcomed by some -- and even though I am an iPhone owner -- I am generally OK with that as long as Apple CarPlay and general iPhone/iPod/etc connectivity options remain available similar to what I know in Sensus. I suspect there will be different challenges running on the Android platform, just as there are with a more home-brew solution like Senus is. My 55" Sony smart TV which is based on Android, has a pretty awful interface that I will try to avoid when it comes time to replace my TV one day -- I love Sony quality and the picture, just not the interface that I must use to run their higher-end TVs. While Android will be providing the new Infotainment foundation for Volvo, I suspect the implementation Volvo provides over and around it will be key to success from a buyer/owner perspective.

      As more facts are revealed, I'm frankly as interested with how Volvo plans to deal with privacy, ability to identify specific users/automobiles or not based on usage, allowing owners to opt in/out as they more tightly integrate with Google services, and how those choices then enable or prohibit use of Volvo Infotainment functionality. Hopefully we're not headed for targeted advertising in our vehicles as a result of any of this. I for one, would hate that. Even though I have little to hide, I personally try to remain "opted-out" as much as possible from everything that may collect and use my personal data -- especially current location, destinations, my calendar, texts, who I call, email content, etc. ...and given past track records, there are some big name companies I trust more than others, if you get my drift. It's why I don't use some of the otherwise great "free" services out there that so many others use as their defacto standard. Choice is good. Fortunately for me, I fairly well know what to expect from Volvo's Sensus with my new on-order 2020 XC60, and will be able to let the dust settle on this whole new Android Infotainment direction before needing to make another data privacy decision a few years from now.

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