IPD engine stabiliser
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      IPD engine stabiliser

      Anyone have one of these, NOS or used? (They are long discontinued and IPD has lost the development and production details)

      I had one ages ago on my first car, a 1970 145S and I've determined I want one for my current 1970 142S.

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      There was one installed on my 1971 B20E when I purchased the car in a previous century. I ditched the thing after I rebuilt my B20E and had the rotating assembly balanced. With balancing and a good tune the engine vibration is minimal. If your engine is moving a lot check the condition of the engine mounts. If you want to restrict the engine motion more, consider the installation of engine mounts from the B30 which are stiffer.

      That said, the above doesn't answer your question. If you really want to do this and can't find an original IPD part, I have seen an engine motion control brace added on an 1800. At the front of the head, just to the left of the plug for the water distribution pipe in the head there is a hole in the casting and I believe it is threaded (its raining right now so I am not going to go outside to check my car to confirm). I think it is used for something on RHD cars. Using a combination of a swedged aluminum tube and threaded heim / solid rubber bushed ends, the 1800 owner added a brace from that spot on the head to the left inner fender wall. I used to have a picture of the brace someplace; but, can't find it. I also cannot attest to how robust the casting is around that hole if your engine happens to be a real shaker.

      One of the things I disliked about the IPD brace is that it requires removing a head bolt to install. Re installation messes up the whole torqueing sequence for the head gasket. In addition, if the surface finish and hardness of the brace material is different than the head, you are not going to get consistent clamping force on the head gasket. However, perhaps that is a level of refinement that is unnecessary for a former tractor engine.
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      I might have one, but locating it will require a lot of looking in several storage places and maybe a near archeological dig...

      I agree with 142g's assessment about the B30 MMounts...and that's what I always install, and a top mount is then just not necessary, although I too added one in the front of the Cyl head on my 1800 (and I put it there for the exact reason he also mentions...I didn't want to loosen a Headbolt!...maybe that's even the one he remembers seeing...you can see part of it in one of my Alt pix here (unfortunately ends are not visible, but yes, there is a threaded hole at the Cyl Head there which I use):
      ...but now when I think about it, located in the front of the Trans/engine mass is not the best place...the middle of mass (back of Cyl Head) would be better...or like we both say, with B30 MMounts, not at all!...


      Edit: Found and added picture which shows threaded hole in front of Cyl Head (front facing, just under Tstat housing). Incidentally, two first bolts I had on that bar vibrated completely loose and departed from the car...upon closer inspection, they had a slightly loose fit in threads as the hole may have had some corrosion on threads...the third (and last) bolt was safety drilled and wired for permanent retention.
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      I also had one on my '71 1800E and the first thing my shop guy did was remove it. All it seemed to do was transmit 100% of the engine's vibration directly into the body of the car and into the cabin. Removing it made for a much more comfortable ride. Just my experience.
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