S80 2.0T 2005 FWD - drives only forward and slipping
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      S80 2.0T 2005 FWD - drives only forward and slipping

      Hello Volvo Enthusiasts,

      This is my first post on Swedespeed and Greetings for sunny (today) Ireland!.
      The leprechaun inside me Volvo cause it to stop driving 2 days after I got it from one guy in Dublin. It has ATF flushed 1y2m ago and of slipping. After I got it in November last year drove from Dublin and it was fine for 2 days. Then stopped engaging any gear. Initially displayed info about low coolant level so I guess oil could overheat. So topped it up. Drove 20 miles and gearbox not working. Car is not driving.

      Changed oil myself with me wife helping by using cooler outlet and of course it was JWS 3309. The old one was coffee color and thick. The difference was that car was driving for 5 minutes, heard a clunk and car stopped.

      After changed some more oil. Didn’t help. Checked oil level and it was too much so drained some and S80 moving forward and slipping.

      Later with help of my brother in law got linear solenoids cleaned. They seemed to be fine, moving smoothly. It didn’t help.

      This is my last cry for help before I sell it for scrap/parts.

      This is such a great car and it would be a pity to lose it.

      Thanks All!


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      Seems like either this forum is dead or the topic is so obvious that no one bothers to reply. I thought I will get some hints here or advise but no. I know the new Volvos are more exciting but hey not everyone can afford them..., not yet. Thanks for looking. Cheers. Daniel

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