Manual Swap 2.4L N/A
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      Manual Swap 2.4L N/A

      Hi I just bought a 2001 s60 2.4 NA automatic, and was wondering if anyone had any advice on doing so?

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      The short answer, not to be an internet troll, is to sell it and buy a manual.

      In order for you to do a manual swap, you'll need essentially every wiring harness/device out of the donor car as well, otherwise the computer will freak out and not be happy (or remove all factory components and do a standalone engine management system).

      Since these cars are so old, the resale has tanked, so you can get a T5 w/ a manual for not much.

      Otherwise, just enjoy what you currently have, unfortunately 01-02's are prone to automatic transmission issues, so just be aware of that.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a manual swap on these cars is nowhere near simple nor cost effective in the large scope of things
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